180heartbeats + Jung v Matt and VMLY & amp; R Poland at the forefront of the most creative agencies in the world (Cannes Lions report)

180heartbeats + Jung v Matt and VMLY & amp; R Poland at the forefront of the most creative agencies in the world (Cannes Lions report)

VMLY & amp; R Poland took the tenth place in the ranking of the most creative advertising agencies in Europe and the twentieth place among agencies from around the world, while & nbsp; 180heartbeats + Jung v Matt was in the tenth place among non-network agencies - according to the report "Cannes Lions: Global Creativity Report ". Poland was 15th among the most creative advertising markets.

VMLY & amp; R Poland has been distinguished in the regional list of the most creative agencies in Europe (10th place) and in the world - 20th place. Ewelina Wojtyczka and Paweł Szczygieł from VMLY & amp; R Poland were on the list of the 10 best artistic directors in the world.

In the ranking of the most creative independent agencies, the 10th place was taken by 180heartbeats + Jung v Matt. In this category, gold won the branch Wieden + Kennedy from Portland in the USA.

The agency of the year was Wieden + Kennedy Portland, which overtook the New York branch of McCanni Droga5. In Europe, AMVBBDO from London became the most creative agency.

Mindshare, Starcom and MediaCom are the first three best media agencies in the world. Omnicom was named the best advertising holding company, ahead of Interpublic Group, WPP, Publicis and Dentsu.

- Our report is a global reference for creativity and efficiency in the marketing communications industry. In addition, the study provided by our partner - WARC - in addition to rich historical data and rankings, contains an in-depth analysis of trends and issues that appeared in the jurors' rooms at this year's Cannes festival. "Global Creativity Report" is an indispensable source of knowledge for the creative and marketing community, being a tool for anyone who wants to gain a competitive advantage by releasing creative potential - comments Simon Cook, managing director Cannes Lions.

The annual "Global Creativity Report" ranking is based on the number of awards and nominations won during the Cannes advertising festival organized in June. The report contains a breakdown into categories, awards, brands, groups and advertising agencies, production companies, regions, countries and cities, but also presents rankings of creative directors or copywriters. The report has been expanded this year with a part developed by the international research and marketing company WARC.

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