2019 Cannes Lions Advertising of the Year: All Grand Prix Winners

2019 Cannes Lions Advertising of the Year: All Grand Prix Winners

The Cannes Lions festival has ended, which & nbsp; was held & nbsp; from June 17 to 21. The selection contains the owners of the grand prix in all categories.

An-nahar Lebanese business publication printed a newspaper with blank pages. White in the Lebanese mentality means a strike or protest. The editors invited readers to use blank pages to appeal to the current government.

In the Nike Dream Crazy campaign, the brand urges you not to be afraid to dream and be “more sport”. The face of advertising was the American football player Colin Copernicus, who systematically opposed racism in sports.

IKEA together with the Israeli agency McCann Tel Aviv have developed 13 additions to the most popular interior items for people with disabilities. Layouts can be downloaded free of charge from the website and sent to 3D printing, a series of video tutorials is attached to them.

GSK technology is based on the analysis of the height and length of the sound wave. Processing the sound of the exhalation of the user, the application generates a drawing of a tree, which in size corresponds to the approximate lung volume. If the result is less than 70%, a hospital check is recommended.

In the 3D program Marvelous Designer, you can create an author's digital clothing design. The number of color combinations is limited only by the user's imagination. The application should help modern youth maintain their identity without polluting the environment with the production of new clothes.

The New York Times is designed to shed light on the severity of journalism and why it is worth it. This is the job of finding the truth wherever it leads.

In collaboration with the Nike Chicago community, the brand has transformed an empty church in one of Chicago's districts into a youth cultural & nbsp; center. The company carried out repairs and equipped the building with a full-length sports ground, lockers, a gym.

The clip “This is America” appeared at a time when the United States was faced with an exacerbation of the problem of racism: in the states, 39% of people killed by the police were black. “These are about three black people a day,” & nbsp; says the Cannes Lions website with reference to a study conducted in 2017.

American travel brand Black & amp; Abroad is trying to break stereotypes about Africa as a dangerous destination and increase the number of black travelers in commercial travel images. The slogan was based on the common racist phrase “Go Back To Africa” (“Return to Africa”).

Volvo launched the Equal Vehicles for All campaign, posting accident data for 40 years so that other automakers can use them to make new models. This is to make cars safer for women who are more likely to be injured in traffic accidents.

Burger King staged a massive quest, offering Whopper for one cent. To get a sandwich, you had to download the application, come to McDonald’s restaurant and order a burger.

In Germany, many luxury goods are taxed at a reduced rate of only 7%, while the tax rate for tampons is 19%. The Female Company packed the tampons in a book and thus sold them at a lower tax rate of 7%.

Before the ending of the second season of the series “Wild West World”, HBO launched a quest for fans of a voice-controlled series around the world. The plot depends on the in-game decisions made. The game was voiced by the actors themselves.

Microsoft has made an adaptive Xbox controller for children with disabilities. For testing, they invited little gamers so that they could share their opinions. As a result, the company not only released a universal controller, but also wrote the best textbook on e-sports games and tournaments for players with limited mobility.

Doconomy issued a credit card to limit hydrocarbon emissions. A payment card restricts you from overspending not on the basis of financial monitoring, but on the basis of the impact of your consumption.

See Sound Campaign Touts Smart Home Technology for the Deaf. See Sound repeaters are installed throughout the house and, when noisy, send SMS describing the nature of the sound.

Three companies completed the era of the existence of the most popular erotic magazine in Poland with 48 pages “without sexism”. They released the latest issue on International Women's Day with materials on rethinking gender roles in society, the need for sexuality education in schools, and the unacceptability of objectivizing women.

The campaign was invented as part of the struggle to tighten the article on carrying weapons in the United States. To do this, the company shot a two-minute video briefing for office employees on what to do when taking hostages. The expert turns out to be an 11-year-old girl telling a school survival course. In the end, she performs a song that helps remember the basic safety rules - it is taught by thousands of children in all schools.

This is an initiative that encourages brands and organizations that use animal images in advertising to donate 0.5% of their spending to Lion’s Share. Through the UN Development Program, money is distributed around the world to save endangered species of wildlife and preserve their habitat.

One of the world's largest retailers has opened an “illegal” supermarket to draw attention to European agricultural law. The current law allows you to sell only hybrid, pesticide-resistant seeds - patented by the agrochemical industry. The campaign was successful & nbsp; - On April 19, 2018, the EU ratified a new regulation on organic agriculture (Procedure 2014/0100 (COD)) allowing the sale and cultivation of & nbsp; farm products & nbsp; after a 40-year ban.

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