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5 stars

The global make-up artist L’Oréal Paris, especially for the Cannes Film Festival, has developed make-up from the Worth It series. Everyone else, everyone unique. How to make them at home is advised by Aga Wilk, the official Make-up Artist of the brand.

Val Garland, one of the best make-up artists in the world, a favorite of stars, whose trusted team during the ongoing film festival in Cannes works, among others with Elle Fanning and & nbsp; Eva Longoria & nbsp; as part of the Worth It series, she created five iconic looks with L'Oréal Paris cosmetics.

Regardless of whether you prefer strong lips or expressive look, dark or illuminating shades, a modern look or in a retro atmosphere, Val Garland has prepared an offer compatible with your personality. According to the "Because you are worth it" principle, which is the motto of L’Oréal Paris, the brand's ambition is to emphasize individual beauty, add confidence, support women in their search for their true self. Which makeup do you choose?

Charismatic women are not afraid of experiments. Whatever the situation, they want to stand out. They attract the eye, seduce, delight. Val Garland offered them makeup whose strongest accent is the eyeliner cat eye line on the eyelid. How to achieve this effect? Highlight the inner corner with an intense blue color, e.g. with Perfect Slim eyeliner. However, if you particularly value extraordinary solutions, use blue eyeliner, creating a full line in this expressive color & nbsp; - says Aga Wilk, the official Make-up Artist L’Oréal Paris. & Nbsp; What mascara to choose? Volume Million Lashes from Cannes limited collection will work best. With such intense eye makeup, eyebrows should remain completely natural, which we will achieve thanks to Brow Artist & nbsp; - he says. A little bit of Glow Mon Amour Sparkling Love 01 highlighter should be gently patted into the tops of the cheekbones, and the moisturizing lipstick Color Riche in a shade of juicy red Red Carpet I voilà! Let's not forget about hair. The effect of freshness will be obtained with the help of an elixir in the form of Elseve oil, and we owe crazy shades to Hair Makeup Colorista products.

Independent women, for whom fidelity to themselves is more important than trends, choose smoky eyes. Use the Berry Much Love palette for this make-up. Choose the colors of copper, dark brown and gold and make sure that the shadows on the eyelid are perfectly blended & nbsp; - advises Aga Wilk. Maximists can also draw a black or brown line along the eyelash line, on the waterline and in the corner of the eye to give the whole a bit of predation. Then mascara your eyelashes using your favorite mascara global makeup artist L'Oréal Paris, Val Garland called Unlimited. Highlight your lips by scratching the contour with Lip Liner in 300 Velvet Robe. Then apply Rouge Signature lipstick in I Enjoy color to the entire surface and add depth by tapping a slightly lighter, more subtle lipstick in the middle, e.g. I Am Worth It. Finally, gently lighten cheekbones with the La Vie En Glow palette - makeup artist advises.

Confident women go wherever they want! They make decisions at their own discretion, they are not afraid of assessing others, they are aware of their femininity. For them, makeup is a way to express an uncompromising personality, which is why they do not want to limit themselves to one strong accent. So Val Garland created a look for them in which underlined eyes balance with equally sensual lips. To make up you will need a Super Liner pencil in Le Kohl Midnight Black shade, which will serve as a base for shadows. Apply a pencil colored deep, bottle green on the eyelids (upper and lower), all over the eyelids. You'll find the perfect shade in the La Petit Palette. It should be properly blended to obtain a mist effect. Mascara your eyelashes several times with Volume Million Lashes mascara, which thickens beautifully and gives them the effect of a distinct fan & nbsp; - advises Aga Wilk. The lips also require perfect preparation. The base for the lipstick is Lip Liner in fuchsia color No. 302. The contour should be slightly blurred, creating the "after kiss" effect. Then apply Rouge Signature in shade I Speak Up. And finally, gently rub the lip contour.

Optimists with their behavior, dress and makeup want to emphasize the fact that they enjoy every moment. They love life, they are not afraid of challenges, they are open to people. The look that Val Garland offers them is light, spring and fresh. It will not overshadow the natural beauty, but emphasize with juicy shades of pink and peach. How does Aga Wilk recommend this makeup? The Infaillible luminazing Primer will be useful to give your face a luminous finish. Depending on your preferences, eye makeup can be more or less graphic. In this case, the subtle smokey eye made of pink and peach from the Cherry My Cheri palette will work great. Eyelashes should only be delicately highlighted so that the effect remains as natural as possible. Leave the lips light, kept in the colors of eye makeup & nbsp; - says Aga Wilk and also shares his proven trick: & nbsp; Try to mix two Rouge Signature lipsticks in color I Choose Rouge and Color Riche 303 Rose Tendre. First, pat the first shade on the whole lips, then the second color only on their middle to get the effect of fuller, larger lips. To finish off and add freshness, brush your cheeks with Melon Dollar Baby blush - shade 03 Watermelon Addict & nbsp; - advises.

Strongly underlined, slightly theatrical, and certainly spectacular look, this is the domain of the smash woman. Wherever it appears, it arouses emotions. With her, you can't be bored, you surround her with friends and admirers, she doesn't stop looking for pleasant sensations. Her makeup should be original, bold and sexy. The first step is proper hydration with Hydra Genius cream, which is perfectly absorbed before applying makeup. Paint the water line and eyelash line with Gel Crayon Back To Black. For eye makeup you will need the La Petite Palette palette, from which choose shades of gold and brown. Paint the entire eyelid and lower eyelash line with a darker color, and mark the inner corner with a slightly lighter shade. When blending cosmetics on your eye, try to give it a cat, swashbuckling shape. Apply one of my favorite tricks and pat the lightest golden color in the middle of the eyelid. In this way you will optically enlarge the eye. Strongly mascara eyelashes so that they are visibly underlined - for this purpose Volume Million Lashes from the limited, Cannean edition will work great. Apply Glow Mon Amour Loving Peach to the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eye and the cupid's bow. In this make-up, your eyesight is to attract the eye, which is why lips should be natural and delicate. Rouge Signature lipstick in shade I Rule will be suitable. Your hit makeup is ready! & Nbsp; - says Aga Wilk.

Each woman feels uniquely in a different edition, but regardless of the type of beauty, personality and style, the basis is skin hydration, well-groomed hair and makeup that exposes, rather than covers natural beauty.

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