9 Film Tips from the International Film Show

9 Film Tips from the International Film Show

The International Film Festival starts its 43rd edition on Thursday (17). There are over 300 films from over 50 countries to be seen in two weeks. A lot, right? To help you pick out a few titles, I made the short list below with nine attractions that were generally awarded at festivals or are representative of their countries at the 2019 Oscars. But there is so much to see. And be sure to check out the news and other tips on the website itself at Mostra.org.

PARASITE. Golden Palm winner at the Cannes Film Festival, the film is South Korea's Oscar 2020 representative. In a tasty combination of humor, drama and social criticism, director Bong Joon-ho shows how a lower-class family infiltrates the mansion of a rich couple. They employ themselves there without revealing that they are related. Friday (18), 9:10 pm, Petra Fine Arts; Saturday (19), 9:20 pm, Cinearte; Sunday (27), 9:15 pm, Itaú Augusta Space.

What burns. The Spanish drama took the Jury Prize from the Cannes Film Festival. In the plot, a man is convicted of causing a fire. On leaving prison, and with no one waiting for him, he returns to live with his mother in the mountains of Galicia. But a new focus of fire will haunt the character. Friday (25), 7:40 pm, Frei Mug 5; second (28), 14h, Cinearte 2; Tuesday (29), 3 pm, CCSP; Wednesday (30), 6:15 pm, Frei Mug 4.

Stolen horses. Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland (from The Citizen of the Year) brings to light the story of lonely Trond, at the maturity lived by Stellan Skarsgard. On meeting an old friend, he recalls a fateful moment in 1948. It was that year that his father left home running away with the girl Trond loved. Thursday (5), 9:30 pm, Cinesala; Monday (21), 6:40 pm, Cinearte; Tuesday (22), 5:15 pm, Frei Mug 1; Wednesday (23), 4:20 pm, Cultural Reserve; Saturday (26), 17:20, Frei Mug 3.

Milk tooth. A young girl with severe illness falls in love with a drug dealer, much to her parents' despair. The girl, however, rediscovers the will to live and changes her habits and behavior. Premiere of Australian director Shannon Murphy in the feature film, the film was screened at the Venice Film Festival in September. Friday (18), 2 pm, Frei Mug 2; Monday (21), 4:20, Cinearte 1; Tuesday (22), 7:40 pm, Frei Caneca 1; Friday (25), 5:50 pm, Cinesala; Wednesday (30), 8:15 pm, CineSesc.

HONEYLAND. In addition to taking the Jury Grand Prix at the Sundance Festival, the documentary was chosen by Macedonia to represent the country at the Oscar 2020. This is a focus on a woman who lives in isolation in a village caring for a bee colony. Your daily life will be changed with the arrival of a family. Thursday (17), 6:10 pm, Frei Mug 2; Saturday (7), 2:30 pm, Cinearte 1; Monday (21), 5:45 pm, Cinesala; Wednesday (23), 10:15 pm, CineSesc; Saturday (26), 20:15, Frei Mug 1.

PAINTED BIRD. Based on Jerzy Kosinski's book of the same name, the script focuses on the trajectory of a Jewish boy in World War II. Scorned by peasants, he faces the brutality of everyday life and becomes a witness to the violence of Russian and German soldiers. The film represents the Czech Republic at the Oscar 2020. Sunday (20), 20:50, Cinearte; Monday (21), 6:40 pm, Frei Caneca 2; Thursday (24), 8:40 pm, CineSesc; Saturday (26), 6:20 pm, Itaú Augusta Space 1; Monday (28), 1:30 pm, Frei Caneca 1.

SYNONYMS. Big winner of the Berlin Festival, took the Golden Bear and the critical prize. It shows the errant trajectory of a young man from Israel who arrives in Paris willing to forget his origins. To do so, he gets rid of the Hebrew language, hoping that France will recognize him as a citizen and thus he can find a new identity. Friday (25), 10 pm, CineSesc; Saturday (26), 9:20 pm, Frei Mug 2; Sunday (27), 7:15 pm, Frei Mug 3; Monday (28), 7:20 pm, Frei Caneca 1; Thursday (30), 4:45 pm, Cinearte.

SYSTEM CRASHER. The drama has gone through more than ten festivals and is Germany's choice to compete for an Oscar spot for best international film. The Benni girl doesn't control her anger. At 9, she is aggressive and has been expelled from all schools. Since she does not live with her mother, the social service hires a specialist to accompany her. Thursday (5), 8:45 pm, Cinematheque; Friday (18), 5:45 pm, CineSesc; Sunday (20), 5:30 pm, Frei Mug 3; Thursday (24), 7:40 pm, Espaço Itaú Augusta 1; Saturday (26), 15:50, Cultural Reserve.

WASP NETWORK. Produced by Brazilian Rodrigo Teixeira, the film is an adaptation of Fernando Morais's book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War. The story is about the flight of a Cuban pilot, who lives in Miami, leaving his wife on the island of Fidel Castro in 1990. Wagner Moura, Edgar Ramirez, Gael García Bernal and Penelope Cruz are cast. Friday (18), 4:30 pm, Cinearte 1; Sunday (20), 9:15 pm, Frei Mug 1; and Saturday (26), 9:15 pm, CineSesc.

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