"& Nbsp; Parasite & nbsp;", Palme d'or in Cannes, to be on display from October 25

& Nbsp; Parasite & nbsp;, Palme d'or in Cannes, to be on display from October 25

MK2 | Mile End will distribute the film "& nbsp; Parasite & nbsp;" by South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho, which will premiere October 25 in Montreal and November 1 across the province. Recipient of the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or and audience favorite at TIFF, the film will represent South Korea for the Oscar for best international film.

The very first time that Marc Labrèche dealt with Avanti Groupe dates back to the time of "& nbsp; La Petite Vie & nbsp;". The actor played, as we remember, the inescapable Pinson. However, he had not had any ties with Luc Wiseman and his team, the exchanges taking place more with Claude Meunier. However, things changed when Télé-Québec and Avanti began to think about a new concept of a large cultural platform.

Lyla Films and Les Films Opale inform us that the most recent film written and directed by Louis Bélanger, "& nbsp; Vivre à 100 mille à la heure & nbsp;", will be available in VOD from December 24, 2019 on all platforms. Crowned with the public prize awarded at the Quebec City Film Festival, this feature film was the only Quebec film in official competition at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival.

Maurice Dancause, hard worker, brilliant economist and civil servant of René Lévesque's time, got up one morning and collapsed. Stroke. Nine days of coma, four years of rehabilitation. Since then, everything has changed: his brain, his tastes, his sensitivity, his very personality. And in the background there is aphasia, this real battle he fights on a daily basis to find the words. Yet 30 years later, he keeps repeating that he would not go back, that he is happier today, that he lives more intensely, more freely.

Films Opale have just released the first images of the feature film "The Perfect Family Guide" by Ricardo Trogi. The pre-announcement and the pre-poster are notably available on the official film website www.LeGuideDeLaFamilleParfai .... The pre-announcement will make its debut in cinemas today.

Videotron has entered into an agreement to acquire Télédistribution Amos inc. (Cable Amos) and its network. The Quebec flagship of telecommunications is confident that Abitibi citizens living in the territory served by Cable Amos will be able to join their large family in the coming months and thus benefit from the best customer experience on the market.

While his most recent short film, “& nbsp; King Lajoie & nbsp;”, presented in world premiere during the most recent edition of the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, has been available on CBC GEM for a few days, Joannie Lafrenière plans to start editing her next project, "& nbsp; Gabor & nbsp;", a feature documentary about photographer Gabor Szilasi, produced by Tak Films Inc. As of January, the director will fly to Paris with her editor Sophie B. Sylvestre to participate in a residency, courtesy of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, where they will assemble the film's images.

As soon as she left the Media Arts and Technologies program in Jonquière, Nadia Ruel began to evolve in the audiovisual industry. She first worked for Anne-Marie Losique, then became a contract worker for several projects, for example at Productions J. An opportunity opened up for her: Avanti was looking for a researcher. "& Nbsp; I knew the box and Guylaine Boisjoli well that I had met at ATM & nbsp;", she confides to Qui fait quoi while Avanti Groupe is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

On December 24, Télé-Québec offers a 100% festive evening with its special programs "& nbsp; Belle et Bum des Fêtes & nbsp;" and "& nbsp; Y’a du monde à messe de Noël & nbsp;".

MK2 | Mile End informs us that the feature film "It was raining birds", directed and scripted by Louise Archambault ("& nbsp; Familia & nbsp;", "& nbsp; Gabrielle & nbsp;") is available on video on demand and exclusively on Illico and on all platforms from December 24. Listed among the 10 best Canadian films of the year by TIFF, “It was raining birds” is a story of crossed destinies where love has no age and where life takes root in turns unexpected.

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