Actor Vlad Ivanov will be celebrating at Les Films de Cannes in Bucharest

Actor Vlad Ivanov will be celebrating at Les Films de Cannes in Bucharest

Actor Vlad Ivanov, who turned 50 this year, will have a section dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival in Bucharest, which will include five of the most important feature films he has played throughout his career, according to one MEDIAFAX remis release.

Apart from the screening of the five films, "Sunset", "Dogs", "La Gomera", "Principles of life" and "Yesterday", a special moment will be dedicated to the festival opening gala.

The role of Mr. Bebe, who brought him, among other things, the prestigious Los Angeles Critics Award for Best Foreign Actor of the Year, a typical exponent of the Ceauser period in which good and evil became an indistinguishable mix, is what brought Ivanov's celebrity to life. . So memorable was the role of Cristian Mungiu's film "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days", awarded with a Palme d`Or at Cannes in 2007, that risk to overshadow his future career. But his intelligence and instinct did not fail: the ensuing parties confirmed him as a great European composer, always open to new challenges. His ability to portray both the friendly neighbor and the evil one has transformed him into a unique artist who melts into roles. Ivanov is also a remarkable theater actor, rewarded with many awards not only on screen, but also on stage. His side parties - such as those in "Snowpiercer", by Bong Joon-Ho, "In The Fog", by Sergei Loznitsa, "Child's Position", by Calin Netzer - are as strong as the main ones. In 2005, Vlad received the Order of Cultural Merit from the Romanian Presidency.

The complete program of the tenth edition of the Les Films festival in Cannes in Bucharest, which takes place from October 18 to 27, can be found on the site. Ticket prices for screenings programmed at Cinema Pro, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Cinema Peasant Museum and National Museum of Art of Romania - Auditorium Hall is 15 lei for those purchased until October 18 and 20 lei for those purchased during the festival. The ones for the Cinemateca Union projections cost 10 lei or 8, 5, 3 lei for the subscription holders. Tickets are purchased from the Eventbook network and from movie theaters.

The Les Films Festival in Cannes à Bucharest is organized by the Cinemascop and Voodoo Films Association and realized in partnership with the French Embassy and the French Institute in Bucharest.

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