Antalya News: From Mediterranean to Cannes

Antalya News: From Mediterranean to Cannes

Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication drawn from Kubilay Turan young director who graduated this year 'slapstick' documentary at the Cannes Film Festival in Turkey entering the catalog name announced to the world.

Turan Kubilay, a young director who recently graduated from the Radio, Television and Cinema Department of AKDENİZ University, passed the borders of the country to the success of transferring a challenging and tragic life to cinema in Denizli. Burak Skate, Selinay Sun, Joseph Akbal, Peters where Poyraz and DOĞACAN Aktas take place 'slapstick' from the film, while award-8 film festival in Turkey, adopted at the Cannes Film Festival as a summit to evaluate the films won the right to also take place. Turan Kubilay told Hürriyet about the beginning of the film and the festival process.

While we were continuing our undergraduate studies at Akdeniz University, we were in search of topics for the documentary. We were trying to catch an interesting topic in newspaper clippings, internet news and conversations. However, the subject was under our noses. We have learned that a friend of ours from Denizli is a tobacco worker. Tobacco work was a profession that was in the past of everyone in the team and attracted us very much.

Tobacco work is in the Tavas Plain, where we made the film, and very little is done. In June 2017, we went to the village where tobacco work was carried out. The first days in Gülbağlık Village, we only talked to people without shooting. Then we took a 7-day shoot. We realized that there is a very different world than we designed. In August, we went again and took the second shoot. It continues to disappear in the Aegean. The presence of these people there attracted us very much. What we wanted to convey was that a group still continued to produce tobacco and stuck there. Tobacco is a very tedious job that lasts 11 months from planting to harvest. The villagers are working day and night with their family members in this vicious circle that they cannot go on holiday. This drama also includes seasonal workers in the summer months. Tobacco has become a political issue all over the world. But we wanted to make a film based on human beings. We wanted to document the long and arduous tobacco production process as if it were the day of the tobacco worker.

In the film, which I directed and wrote the fiction script, cinematographer Burak Kaymak, assistant director Selinay Güneş and sound supervisor Yusuf Akbal took part. We had a great bond with this team and then we continued to work together. Engin Poyraz and Doğacan Aktaş were also producers in the film, which was produced by the Antalya Film Team. The fiction we made by watching the images of the documentary many times took several months. During the festival which started later, 'Saksak', Mersin Girl Castle Film Festival, Çayda Çıra Film Festival, İzmir Artemis Film Festival, Toroslar Municipality Short Film Competition, Winged Sea Horse Film Festival, Turkish World Documentary Film Festival and 8 awards from Rotary Film Festival brought. the film was also shown in many festivals and prestigious events abroad in Turkey.

all the films to the Cannes Film Festival in Turkey Turkey gathered in a catalog. This catalog is being prepared by Boğaziçi Cinema Association. We were one of two documentaries from Turkey to Cannes. The other was an independent film from Istanbul. Cannes Film Festival, a film market with all the countries is established. Directors and producers from all over the world are looking at the movies that are there. In this way, a great communication network is established. Both Turkey cinema, we both saw the movie a lot of attention. After our return, ‘Saksak’ was shown in two different places in France, Portugal and Italy. He currently has a short film channel in the United States and doing interviews for the film with movie channels in Turkey.

When I took this first step, I never expected you to go to Cannes. He was a surprise to all of us. But we knew that every job done in the spirit of your place would be beautiful. We also thought that we were making a good movie and that it would attract a lot of people.

After that, I plan to continue working towards becoming a good director by making documentaries. My dream is to be at the main competition in Cannes and show my film there. My dream and wish to compete in all mayor festivals such as Sundance, Venice and Berlin.

Very possible. Antalya is the newly built city and the second most suitable city for cinema after Hollywood. The experience of four seasons at different places, its light, tourism, historical and natural texture are effective in this selection. But the biggest sanction film festival in Antalya to date. In fact, this city can exceed Istanbul and become the center of this business with its potential.

“Saksak is a very focused film on the characters. Portraits are very well processed in this film prepared by the students of our university. The sadness, regret and desperation accumulated by the people who lived there for many years were very successfully transmitted to the camera. Tobacco workers have a similar situation to Stocholm Syndrome. They began to love the life they saw that they were no longer able to give up. The fact that the conviction was handled well by the director, the mastery of the film's angles, transitions and light, draws attention. At what time of day it is very well planned what to withdraw. In the film, there is a visual feast as well as fiction which continues with a solid sequence. The challenge of the female producer is also revealed in this challenging production adventure, which starts at midnight by taking a shuttle and holding the road to the field. I think these details are effective in Saksak's ability to get out of all these films and influence professionals. We have a system that allows students to make practical applications at Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication. AYFA Cinema Workshop, AKİL News Agency, UniFM Radio, Corporate Communication Unit, AKUN TV, our students are developing in the media. ”

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