Apex crisis could take Brazil off Cannes Festival market

Apex crisis could take Brazil off Cannes Festival market

The crisis in the Apex (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency) may make the country go unrepresented in the market that takes place during the Cannes Film Festival, the world's premier film show, which begins in May. & nbsp;

The imbroglio threatens the Brazil Cinema program, which advertises national audiovisual production abroad, and if the agency, which sponsors this initiative since 2006, does not renew its contract, there will be no renewal of its contract. maintain a booth and still fund the operations of the project in Cannes. & nbsp;

The Folha found that the Cinema do Brasil has already deposited to the festival the amount necessary to guarantee a physical space in the Marché du Film, the corporate arm of the show of cinema and the fundamental showcase for the showcase. movies and series created in the country. & nbsp;

But without the funding of sponsorship, it will be impossible to continue its activities, such as meetings with producers from other countries who want to play projects in partnership with Brazilian filmmakers or disseminate national films for distribution in other countries. ;

The agreement between Apex and Cinema do Brasil is valid for two years and should have been renewed at the end of March. Since January, representatives of the program have been trying to arrange a meeting to discuss the permanence of the project. Business Director of the agency, the entrepreneur Leticia Catelani, has not attended to them.

Interlocutors, Catelani has stated that it is against the program. Next to Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) and protected from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, she is pivot of the crisis who overthrew the second president of the Apex of the current government, Mario Vilalva.

Catelani has been collecting controversy since the time of the election campaign, when she presented herself as a personal advisor to then-candidate Jair Bolsonaro: she clamored down on a TV journalist and was criticized by other party leaders.

The report also found that the own president of the Republic approves the demand of the directors linked to the Cinema do Brasil for a booth in Cannes, but the situation remains undefined as the crisis unfolds in the agency.

In an e-mail sent to their associates, representatives of the program state that they are "confident" and that they have the support of Deputy Alexandre Fleet (PSL-SP) in their claims.

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