Areas and spaces are redesigned at MAPIC 2019

Areas and spaces are redesigned at MAPIC 2019

MAPIC, which will open its doors for the 25th time between 13-15 November 2019 in Cannes, France, will bring together the world's leading retail sector representatives and brands with real estate players. "New Retail: Areas and places redesigned" exhibition which will be held in Turkey with the main theme, will include more than 80 companies and delegation of 250 people.

For the construction of places such as shopping malls where most people spend the most time and planning the cities accordingly; MAPIC, which brings retail sector and brands together with real estate players, is preparing to open its doors for the 25th time. MAPIC introduces new living spaces to the retail industry and brands, while giving property owners tips on how to create a lifestyle that fits the changing face of retail.

which will be held in France in Cannes on 13-15 November, and represented in Turkey MAPIC that Alkaş undertaken, as well as AVM investors of the world's most important retail brands, Masterfranchise, architects, designers, entertainment facilities operators, brokers, suppliers, the city and the country will bring together more than 8 thousand 600 participants. This year's motto will be "New Retail: Areas and spaces are being redesigned" in the organization, which covers the retail sector in all its aspects.

International retail and real estate sector representatives to introduce Turkish retail brands under one roof IHKIB (Istanbul Ready-Made Clothing and Apparel Exporters Association) and BMD (United Brands Association) is expected to take great steps in the fair with the effect of synergy established.

AYD (Association of Shopping Centers Investors) 's, Turkey's MAPIC retail real estate industry leaders and traditional dinner will be held on the first day will meet with international participants. AYDER dinner will bring together investors in Turkey will pave the way for global alliances for the future. Turkey in the fair this year, attended by 80 companies and over 200 people.

Turkey's MAPIC supporting the target opening abroad of the leading brands in the retail sector "New Retail: Areas and places redesigned" indicating that performed the main theme of Alkaş General Manager of Clover Aqueous, "The MAPIC, the 25th time right investors at the right time, with just the right institutions We aim to introduce 9 Turkish retail brands that guide global investment movements in the retail sector under the same roof at the Turkish Brands stand which has been established for the 6th time this year with the cooperation of IHKIB and BMD for the last three years: shopping center owners, Masterfranchisees, cities We bring international investors together with Turkish companies at MAPIC, which is attended by the developers, investors and retailers. International investors and Turkish brands will come together this year at the traditional networking dinner of the Shopping Centers Investors Association (AYD). Since our goal is to ensure the continued international warming of our brands in the past years, we will go to MAPIC, which is known as the international activity of the retail and real estate sector, with all our meetings planned in advance. This year, I believe that we will spend three successful and enjoyable days bringing together all the stakeholders of the sector, enabling exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and new business partnerships. "

Turkey is the world's fifth, the EU's third largest apparel supplier is and to indicate that the 17.6 billion dollars of exports in 2018 IHKIB Chairman Mustafa Gültepe, "Total apparel exports our 75 percent İHKİB's has the signature of more than 10 thousand members We want to make Istanbul one of the leading fashion centers in the world, and we carry out many studies and projects in line with this goal, and thanks to these efforts, our country differentiates itself from its competitors in the global arena with its unique designs and fashion brands every year. We consider the opening of our brands abroad as a great opportunity for the promotion of Turkish Fashion Industry With this principle, our brands can make master franchises and partnerships in 80 countries as well as shopping center investors. We place great importance on taking our place in MAPIC event, where they have the opportunity to meet with company representatives. MAPIC, which welcomes 8,500 visitors every year, believes that we will sign important cooperation opportunities for our brands as well as the previous years. "

"106 brands of BMD member brands have 17 thousand 280 sales points in 4 countries, 396 foreign stores and 12 884 other sales points in 125 countries. We aim to open 20 thousand stores in the world in 2023 with BMD members. We are among the pioneers in MAPIC, one of the biggest fairs in which we can evaluate cooperations every year. Our ready-to-wear brands will come together with international investment groups We will tell you that our retail sector with its brands and shopping malls is one of the fundamental elements and powerful actors of the Turkish economy. In our booth where Turkish brands are together, we will meet with international visitors and provide important connection opportunities. We will maintain our representation in such organizations that carry Turkish brands forward and provide expansion in the global market, MAPIC is one of these platforms. "

The world's largest international retail and real estate exhibition MAPIC's, Turkey linking West with the East strategic role and projects that have a world-class global retailers and a major opportunity offered Pointing out AYD Chairman Huseyin Altas promises to meet with the AVM investors to he continued as follows: "the thing that today our sector most in need, Turkey commercial real estate sector, in the many located ahead of the country and a life of shopping centers being turned into the center of the country will provide added value to brands by providing places to get the platform to add to the power of our country.

In the new period as shopping center investors; I believe that we will have a successful year this year, representing AYD, which aims to work in full cooperation with the consumers, retailers and all our solution partners for the development of the retail sector. I wish all participants an efficient and enjoyable organization. "

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