Asterix: the film "Mission Cléopâtre" celebrates its 17 years in Lyon, at the Lumière festival

Asterix: the film Mission Cléopâtre celebrates its 17 years in Lyon, at the Lumière festival

The comedy directed by Alain Chabat remains one of the best adaptations of the adventures of Asterix. The director (Jules César), Monica Bellucci (Cleopatra) and Gérard Darmon (Amonbofis) were from the Lyon party.

You just have to say Mission Cleopatra, so that everyone can get their excerpt from the dialogue. It must be said that when it was released in 2002, & nbsp; the comedy staged by ex-Null Alain Chabat crushed any previous (and later!) Adaptation to cinema of the universe created by Goscinny and Uderzo. The film is located at the exact confluence of the Asterix spirit and the Chabat spirit. Two worlds that reveal complete compatibility.

Three of the main roles of the film were present in Lyon to celebrate the seventeen years of its release. Neither Asterix (Christian Clavier) nor Obélix (Gérard Depardieu) had left their small village which still resists the invader, but Jules César himself (Alain Chabat), the magnificent Cleopatra (Monica Bellucci) and the traitor Amonbofis (Gérard Darmon) had made the trip.

The film was screened in the presence of the three actors, in front of an audience sometimes dressed like the characters in the film. Good humor and all public: successful event.

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