Bargain ‘series’ bargaining in Cannes! - Magazine News

Bargain ‘series’ bargaining in Cannes! - Magazine News

The latest series, competition formats, 8K films and documentaries created a tough competition at the MIPCOM Fair, which opened in Cannes, France and is the largest market place for the TV content industry. Reduced price of the ticket, excluding taxes visitors at the fair is 1,500 euros, this year the company opened 22 booths from Turkey. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President Sekib Avdagic: “Certain distribution models are of course very important. But its economic value is not as much as ‘open channels’. You cannot obtain the second, third-hand rights of the directory on these platforms. We cannot neglect the ‘open channels eden that make Turkish serials famous in the world.”

MIPCOM, the most prestigious fair in the series, film, content, TV and production sector, started in Cannes, France's favorite seaside city. The fair, which will be open for 4 days between 14-17 October, is attended by 4,800 TV and digital content buyers.

The fair includes a wide range of productions such as series of films, documentaries and competition formats ranging from content suitable for mobile phones to films suitable for 248-inch 8K display. The discounted entrance ticket price to the fair is 1,500 Euro, excluding taxes. 13 thousand 800 people from 110 countries are expected to attend the fair.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) is organizing MIPCOM 2019's national participation organization for the first time. National participation with 14 companies, individual companies attending the fair from Turkey and 8. Associated companies benefit from 70 percent support from the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema also supports the fair.

İTO President Şekib Avdagiç stated that they have joined MIPCOM since 2011 and stated that MIPCOM is a platform that shapes the global content industry. "MIPCOM is a worldwide marketing platform where we come together for mutual communication. From mobile phones to movie theaters, content is offered to global buyers at MIPCOM. Our companies are unique in the ITO's national participation department and in individual participation stands. successfully presenting our contents to the leading professionals in the world.

Turkish TV series in the Arab countries, Russian-speaking regions and South American countries, indicating that a lot of Avdagiç, "the series-filmmakers have achieved a good success in sales. Now we have to direct them to become a global brand. This potential has.

Avdagic, despite developing mobile devices, TV screens are still a very strong media, stating that according to a study conducted in 94 countries, the average TV viewing time in a day is 2 hours and 55 minutes, he said.

Şekib Avdagiç stated that Turkish productions have crossed national borders and found buyers in many countries. Avdagiç, reaching 156 countries through Turkish series that introduced Turkey's cultural and tourist areas, but stressed that the revival of gastronomic tourism. Avdagiç, "the most precious time intervals called Primetime, most national series followed two countries, Turkey and the US. We witnessed last month to an example of the spread in the United States Turkish series. Fan Americans Turkish series was visited by a group of Turkey, met with the players, history He also said that he started to learn Turkish thanks to the Turkish TV series. This is a good example of the impact of the Turkish TV series.

Avdagiç, films and series of trademarks should be removed by expressing the application of icing, "the audience in the world, the advertised product will see that you want to buy ... In the era in which we live in the brands of mosaics appearing in the series does not benefit by making the global level. in a sense, our sectors 'frozen' we are. " said.

Avdagic stressed that the main theme of the conferences to be held at the MIPCOM Fair this year is 'streaming attack'. Avdagiç that Turkey's most successful TV series, movies and animated film production, as well as' global distribution business model based on streaming, he said he needed a breakthrough.

ITO President Avdagiç, On the other hand, there is a very important issue that it is the importance of our producers who signed very valuable productions and the channels that broadcast them. Turkish serials in the world famous for the 'open channels' certainly can not neglect.

Avdagiç, "Turkish TV series, films, content, TV and production sector in accordance with the international success in the field of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in the participation of the relevant industry fairs also increased significantly. In order to be able to express to professionals, we are participating in Natpe Miami, MIPTV, MIPCOM and ATF Singapore fairs.

- Global TV industry, filmmakers, animation companies are represented at the fair. An important audience in the buyer part is examining these products and negotiating prices.

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