Beauties at the Cannes Film Festival

Beauties at the Cannes Film Festival

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Every year in May, one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world in category A - Cannes International Film Festival takes place on the French Riviera in the Cannes resort. In 2002, the International Film Festival was officially called the "Cannes Festival".

For the first time the festival took place in 1946, although it was planned for autumn 1939. According to the festival organizers' idea, it was to be an alternative to the Venice Film Festival. The program was ready, the inventor of the cinema, Louis Lumiere, was appointed honorary chairman of the jury. The opening was to take place on September 1, but it was on this day that World War II (1939-1945) began.

The first film festival, which became an international event in the cultural life of the post-war years, took place from September 20 - October 5, 1946.

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