British director denounces Cannes refusal to accept mothers with children

British director denounces Cannes refusal to accept mothers with children

With a film to be presented in Cannes about the difficulties of a single mother balancing her life with that of a writer, entitled Hurt By Paradise, the 28-year-old British director Greta Bellamacina has just accused the festival of being to be treated in a discriminatory manner. All because she saw her barred entry into the Film Marché because she was accompanied by her four-month-old son Lucien.

"I was condescendingly treated in some of the scenes in the movie, but never as rudely as at the festival and for being a mother," said the director, quoted by The Guardian newspaper. According to the director herself, her entry into the room on Wednesday, May 15, was initially refused.

Only after "intense debate," in the words of Bellamacina quoted by the English daily, was he told that he could accredit his son, but that the baby's affection would have to go to a different place. He was also told that he would need to pay a pass worth 300 euros, which he offered to pay and then required 48 hours for authorization. A period in which Bellamacina could not be in place, having been asked to leave it until the green light was given.

“I am outraged by the absurdity of this attitude,” he said in a statement, adding: “As if the filmmakers needed more obstacles to equality in this sector.” It is recalled that the writer and poet is also Lorca's mother, two years old.

And if the French newspaper Le Figaro talks about the security of the festival's organization, it is certain that this episode comes a month after the event announced that it would have easier access for professionals with young children. .

Incidentally, under the Parenting at Film Festivals program, the Le Ballon Rouge structure, Where Children Are The New VIPS, was created. An initiative that provides professional baby and child care services for children of filmmakers who travel there for work, as well as places specifically created for breastfeeding and diaper changing.