Burak Ozchitiv and Akyn Akynyosy share fans in Cannes

Burak Ozchitiv and Akyn Akynyosy share fans in Cannes

At the exhibition in Cannes, popular Turkish actors Burak Ozcivit and Akyn Akynezyu share fans. This was reported by Akşam. Fans of Turkish TV shows decide which of the actors is most attractive.

At present, Cannes hosts the international exhibition of video, television, cable and satellite technologies Mipcom 2019. TV series producers from around the world present their best projects.

Turkey was no exception. Cannes captivated huge banners with the image of Turkish stars. More attention is attracted by fans of Burak Ozcivit and & nbsp; Akyn Akynezyu, in French social networks, disputes began about which of the two actors is much more attractive.

Burak Ozchivit, representing at the exhibition “Return. Osman ”, attracts the attention of fans with long hair and a courageous mustache. These details are most often discussed by Internet users.

His counterpart, Akyn Akynyuzyu with the series "Windy", is no less popular among French women. It is worth noting that it is Akyn who currently has the largest number of fans from that country.

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