Cannes - Almodóvar's film tops the polls

Cannes - Almodóvar's film tops the polls

Pedro Almodóvar's autobiographical film, Pain and Glory, was at the forefront of French and foreign critics on Saturday at the 72nd Cannes Festival, where up to three thirds of the official competition program has been screened so far.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Finally, for a Golden Palm Littermate? he wrote in the laudable critique of the French Le Monde, after being the sixth of 21 films by the Spanish director to be invited to the premier program of the world's most prestigious film meeting, but none of which deserved the prize.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Most critics say it is one of the best films by the 69-year-old director, and most critics interviewed by French filmmaker Le Film francais and Screen British have rated Spanish as the best film so far . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Featuring Almodóvar's most personal film, the film, which premiered in Spain in March and will appear in Hungarian cinemas next Wednesday, is a sensitive and complex portrait of an aging and ill-famed filmmaker, directed by Antonio Banderas. & Nbsp;

The protagonist of the film, Salvador Mallo, is going through one of the most difficult periods of his life, suffering from depression and various physical pains as he looks back on his career, his childhood and his emotional life, trying to interpret the crisis he has experienced. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

For the eighth time, Almodóvar and Banderas have worked together and this time, the Hollywood star is transforming into a Spanish director's alter ego, wearing a similar gray-haired crown and wearing colorful clothes, though not completely imitating him. & Nbsp;

"He was best suited for this role because he knows first hand the many things I'm talking about (in the movie)," Almodóvar said in Cannes. "This is not the passionate Banderas with the virtuosity and bravery that characterizes him. Instead, he runs the opposite of minimalist, playing with small gestures," he added. & Nbsp;

"I've never appeared in such a movie before, but in every one of my films, I'm talking about myself. So far, it's not about a character who has the same profession as me and is so physically similar to me," the 69-year-old he also said at the press conference that, unlike the film director, he was not dependent on heroin but on sleep.

"My main addiction is that I can sleep eight hours a day and know that I can make a new movie." And in the movie, Penélope Cruz, the mother who made the movie, called herself "family addicted." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

"I love racing in Cannes, it's always exciting. But that doesn't mean I'm going to win because I know the rules very well. I've been to the jury twice and I know how things work," Almodóvar said two years ago. he was the chairman of the jury, taking home the Best Direction Award with his movie "Everything About My Mother", and 13 years ago, Volver was honored with Best Screenplay and Best Female Films. & nbsp;

Ken Koach, another Cannes returning double pal, also received very positive reviews for his latest film, Sorry We Missed You, about an incapacitated and indebted couple with a job. & Nbsp;

A committed anti-capitalist director for the past fifty years, he has been primarily filming films about workers' stories, but this time he was interested in the situation of a sliding middle class and made the subject of his film the subject of forced job insecurity and exploitation.

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