Cannes 1939 Festival, yoga workshop, canteens ... 6 things to know before tomorrow, Tuesday November 12

Cannes 1939 Festival, yoga workshop, canteens ... 6 things to know before tomorrow, Tuesday November 12

Every evening, find on everything you need to know so as not to be caught off guard the next day, optimize your time, do not miss anything that interests you ... & nbsp;

This Tuesday, November 12, the Cannes 1939 festival opens for almost a week of exceptional films in Orleans, while the Troc Madame de l'Aselqo is also returning to service ... Little more, the day could even be sunny , although a little cool!

Thirty films will be screened during this new edition of the Cannes 1939 festival in Orléans. In addition to our selection of "nuggets" not to be missed, a multitude of choices is available to spectators! Some will be broadcast from 9:30 am this Tuesday, and until the evening to make the most of it!

I'm going there. & Nbsp; From 12 to 17 November, at the Les Carmes cinema and at the Orléans theater. Different PASSes are available. & Nbsp; Information, program and ticketing & nbsp; here. & Nbsp;

The deliberation in the case of the gendarme who harassed and sexually assaulted his colleagues must be made, this Tuesday, November 12, by the criminal court of Orleans. & Nbsp;

This 38-year-old man, assigned to the Beaune-la-Rolande brigade, had to resign from the army after five young women seized the General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie. Eighteen months suspended sentence was required against him. & Nbsp;

Yoga and cooking workshops in the morning, shared meal at noon and exchanges of clothes, accessories and leather goods in the afternoon ... Le Troc Madame de l'Aselqo returns this Tuesday, November 12 for a day dedicated to women. & Nbsp ;

The conditions are simple: & nbsp; you just need to bring, on D-Day, some things to donate & nbsp; and each one & nbsp; bring a dish, sweet or savory, to share at noon. & Nbsp; Finally, the participation is two euros for take advantage of the day's activities.

The cold wave sweeping France does not spare the Loiret, where the temperatures will not exceed 10 ° this Tuesday. The weather will still be fairly sunny, with the exception of a few showers expected at the start and end of the afternoon.

The international community was moved during the summer of 2019 by the fires that ravaged the Amazon. "Lung" of the planet, the forest has seen several of its hectares go up in smoke and, with them, the habitat of several indigenous communities and different animal species. & Nbsp; Amazonia, the house is burning, (Arte, 8:50 p.m.) returns about this drama and the (disastrous) way it was managed by the Brazilian president ...

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