Cannes 2019 - the most beautiful make-up and hairstyles of celebrities

Cannes 2019 - the most beautiful make-up and hairstyles of celebrities

In terms of hairstyles and makeup, most celebrities invited to the Cannes festival opted for a classic, but with a fashionable twist. Thick, ruffled eyebrows accompanied the red lips, and elegant hairstyles were diversified by fashionable cufflinks and headbands. Which makeups and hairstyles did we like the most?

The Cannes festival is a great opportunity to draw inspiration from the work of the world's largest hairdressers and makeup artists. Despite the passage of years (this is the 72nd edition), the event still attracts the attention of the whole world, and the makeup and hairstyles presented on it are the manifestation of the highest craftsmanship. Which of the stars at this year's Cannes festival caught our special attention?

In the stylization of the Brazilian model, not only the fiery red catches the eye. Alessandra Ambrosio focused on classic makeup, i.e. red lips plus a strong line on the upper eyelid, and the frame for her face was created by expressive, thick eyebrows. This element was an interesting break through the traditional evening look and gave it a bit of rapacity. He also showed that the model knows the trends well, because full, matted eyebrows are one of the hottest trends this spring and summer. Alessandra's makeup artist to obtain this effect probably used a disciplinary gel, with which he arranged and slightly "moistened" the hair and darkened it. This cosmetic is slowly displacing the crayon because it is about giving the texture, not filling it (painting the bows is already passé). That's how we'll style eyebrows this summer.

The Victoria's Secret angel on the red carpet in Cannes impressed with beautiful, illuminated skin. This is a reference to another strong spring and summer 2019 trend, i.e. glass skin. The glass complexion is perfectly smooth and moisturized, which looks as if its surface is covered by a transparent, moist filter. The key to achieving this effect is strong hydration, using a brightening foundation that looks like a second skin, and finally spraying your face with a moisturizing mist. Try, for example, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, which gives the skin a subtle glow and at the same time nourishes it thanks to the vitamin complex it contains. In our store you can buy it for less than 25 PLN.

The dot above the "i" is to wet the face with a moisturizing mist that will fix the make-up and give it a moist finish (the so-called dewy finish). It can be the ultra-moisturizing Lierac Hydragenist mist - you will be delighted not only with its action, but also the sensual, floral fragrance being a combination of rose, geranium and jasmine.

We are big fans of the style of a young American star. Elle always delights with girlish styles that emphasize her delicate, ethereal beauty. On the first day she decided on a peach creation, to which she chose a classic bun and red lips. The day after, she enchanted everyone by appearing in a voluminous, flowery dress from Valentino, which was complemented by subtle, natural makeup and floral cufflinks attached to a braiding braid. This is a reflection of the next big trend, which is hair ornaments - not only with floral motifs (such appeared among others in Dolce & Gabban and Rodarte), but also pearls (Simone Rocha, Shrimps, Vivetta) and zircons (Ashley Williams , Gucci, D & amp; G).

The American actress has a constant, youthful charm. This is due to the color of her hair - fiery red revives the complexion and subtracts years. Julianne Moore, moreover, knows very well which colors emphasize her beauty and includes them in both her clothes and make-up. The emerald dress from Dior, in which she appeared at the opening of the Cannes festival, harmonized perfectly with her hairstyle. In contrast, feminine makeup with a smoky eye and subtle blush on the lips and cheeks gave her face freshness. We love the actress in such a release.

The blush rejuvenates and gives the skin a healthy color. The king of all roses is of course the one from Bourjois - his recipe has not changed since 1890. But in recent years, several products have appeared on the market that collect equally good reviews. See what blush is most often chosen by professionals and makeup enthusiasts.

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