Cannes 2019: A Strong and Bitter Movie About Modern "Wretches"

Cannes 2019: A Strong and Bitter Movie About Modern Wretches

That's how it is. The program includes new works of giants - Almodovar, Loach, Jarmusch, Tarantino, Dolan, and suddenly a man leaves the cinema dazed, with a lump in his throat after the screening of the first film of the unknown Frenchman Ladja Ly.

"Les Miserables" is a shock. Ladj Ly, 41, made this film about the world he grew up in, near Montfermeil near Paris, in a block of flats inhabited mainly by families of dark-skinned immigrants. & Nbsp;

- This is a film about people living on the margins of society. On the universe of sub-Parisian misery, police brutality, lack of education and children growing up in such an environment, "says the director.

- When I was 8 or 9 years old, I was friends with Kim Chapiron, who is a great screenwriter today. He, at the age of 15, founded the Kourtrajme group. I was 17 years old. I was impressed with Mathieu Kassovitz's "Hatred". I was convinced that we should record our reality. It was the beginning of digital technology. I bought the first camera and kept filming. I filmed everything. We were young and crazy. Today, we probably relaxed, but a part of that madness is worth keeping. & Nbsp;

Edited & nbsp; documentary film "365 days in Clichy-Montfermeil". He wanted to sell it to televisions, but then gave up. He put it on the Internet, where everyone could watch it for free. A few years later he made a similar film - "365 days in Mali". But above all, he was interested in his own world. He made more documents about him. In 2008, he recorded a policeman brutally beating a man in handcuffs with a truncheon who could not even defend himself or cover his hands against the times. He put the video on the Internet. A policeman was dismissed from work. This was the first time in France. & Nbsp;

In 2017, Ly showed the documentary film "Les Miserable", for which he was nominated for Caesar, then decided to make his feature debut on his base. He followed the actions of three policemen patrolling Montfermeil. During the intervention, during which the little boy wants to take back the little lion cub stolen from the circus, a fight occurs with the thief's close-mate friends. It gets dangerous, one of the policemen shoots. The bullet hits the little thief, hurts his face. Policemen mainly care about covering up the case, getting a memory card from a drone that accidentally recorded the whole event. And wounded boy? He will come out of it, but will prepare, together with his friends, a terrible revenge. Rape breeds rape. Among the misery and lack of prospects, positive values ​​no longer matter. People are driven by anger, contempt and hatred. A few-year-old children are infected with all this. Ly shows how easily they pick up a stone or a burning firecracker that can kill their opponent. Everyone here is almost equally dirty - deprived of empathy, brutal policemen, local gangsters, children who have just grown a little from the ground. And the remnants of good and conscience may expose you to & nbsp; deadly threat. & nbsp;

A shocking movie. At the time of discussion about emigrants and refugees, it cannot be overestimated. Because it shows how aggression is born in marginalized people. As in "cursed" blocks of flats, law begins to reign. We all have before our eyes television images of cars burning in the streets of Paris and police battles with immigrants. But Ly gives the nameless faces and the lives of specific people to these nameless images. & Nbsp;

I don't know yet what the new films of the masters will be. And whether these older gentlemen, who have their beautiful card in the history of cinema, with their virtuosity will be able to beat the determination and anger of a French debutant from the miserable suburbs of the big city. & Nbsp;

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