Cannes 2019: Elle Fanning fainted during the festival

Cannes 2019: Elle Fanning fainted during the festival

Elle Fanning fainted during the Cannes International Film Festival. The youngest member of this year's jury was to feel worse during the official dinner Chopard Trophee, so the ceremony was briefly suspended.

21-year-old Elle Fanning, known for such films as "Super 8", "The Witch", "Neon Demon" or "Ginger and Rosa" (we will soon see her alongside Agnieszka Grochowska in the movie "My Star: Teen Spirit") in the jury of the 72nd Cannes International Festival. According to "Variety", the young star fainted during one of the festival celebrations - the Chopard Trophee dinner. The situation occurred when the festival director Thierry Fremaux introduced the actor Francois Civil. Elle, sitting next to her sister Dakota, was about to fall off her chair.

As the dinner participants reported, with immediate help Elle Fanning set off nearby Colin Firth. The actress left the room in the company of security and her sister, and dinner was briefly suspended. The post Elle posted on Instagram shows that everything is all right.

"I still can't believe I can be here with such amazing artists. We met the previous evening, it was a beautiful time. Of course, I am young, but I started my adventure with acting very early. I feel proud and honored to be the voice of a young generations during the festival "- said Elle Fanning about the invitation to the jury of this year's Cannes Film Festival.

This year, the jury is chaired by Mexican director and screenwriter Alejandro González Iñárritu. The jury also included Paweł Pawlikowski, as well as: actresses Elle Fanning and Maimouna N'Diaye, director and screenwriter - Kelly Reichardt and Alice Rohrwacher, creator of the comics Enki Bilal as well as directors and screenwriters Robin Campillo and Jorgos Lanthimos.

On Sunday evening, the Honorary Golden Palm was collected by the French actor, producer, director and screenwriter Alain Delon for his entire output. The awarding was accompanied by numerous controversies, petitions were collected against the distinction.

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