Cannes 2019: "Lillian" - Polish accent at the Cannes Film Festival. Who is the lead player Patrycja Płanik?

Cannes 2019: Lillian - Polish accent at the Cannes Film Festival. Who is the lead player Patrycja Płanik?

During the 72nd International Film Festival in Cannes, the Austrian film "Lillian" will be shown in the Directors' Fortnight section. The main player is Polka, Patrycja Płanik.

The Polish accent at the 72nd International Film Festival in Cannes is not just the ambassadors of the brand & nbsp; L’Oréal Paris, headed by Grażyna Torbicka and Paweł Pawlikowski, one of the jury members. As part of the & nbsp; Directors' Fortnight & nbsp; section, Lillian, an Austrian production directed by Andreas Horvath, will compete for the prize, in which the main role is played by a Polish woman, Patrycja Płanik. The image shown at the Cannes festival is Patrycja's film debut, which in nearly a year of casting, beat several hundred candidates, and spent the next 9 & nbsp; months on the film set with the film crew traveling the same through North America. & Nbsp; HistoriaLillianto a contemporary story about a return to the roots, understood not only through the lens of the target, but also the vagabond itself. It is the process of touching the essence of the road. For my heroine, it's a return to nature, a departure from civilization - says Patrycja Płanik. & Nbsp; What is worth knowing about Patrycja? She studied photography at the PWSFTViT. She also co-created the contemporary dance festival The International Maat Festival, building visual identification and creating documentaries closely related to the festival's formula: Dance.doc. She implemented this project in Poland, Japan and Israel. Her works were supported and financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, CRICOTEK - the Tadeusz Kantor Art Documentation Center and The International Maat Festival. She collaborated with with the New Theater Kazimierz Dejmek in Łódź, Teatr Nowy in Poznań and TR Warszawa.

"Lillian" is a film inspired by the true story of the Russian emigrant Lillian Alling, who in the 1920s tried to return to her homeland on foot from North America. Her arduous journey began in New York and led, among others via Canada, British Columbia, Alaska, and finally through the Bering Strait to Russia. The image of Andreas Horvath, an Austrian filmmaker and photographer, however, does not focus on accurately illustrating the fate of Alling. The director used the core of her story to create a universal study of the road, a kind of chronicle of slow disappearance. The photos were taken in 2016 & nbsp; and were created in the United States, Canada and Russia. It is not known yet whether Lillian will go to Polish distribution. The Canne premiere is scheduled for May 20. & nbsp;

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