Cannes 2019. Sobolewski: Politically correct verdict. The most outstanding Almodóvar contest was omitted [SUMMARY]

Cannes 2019. Sobolewski: Politically correct verdict. The most outstanding Almodóvar contest was omitted [SUMMARY]

A young couple, straight from the wedding, takes pictures against the red stairs of the festival cinema, as if it were a sacred place. There are two places in the world where the old cult of cinema is practiced: Cannes and Hollywood. In Cannes, the New Wave cinema still survived, the faith of the '68 generation that cinema is changing the world, creating a community, opening "new horizons".

During the final gala, the guest of the festival Michael Moore, to whom in 2004 for "Fahrenheit 9/11" - said what we expect from cinema today, "in dark times". The film by Xavier Dolan "Matthias and Maxime" - a sketchy, fairly modernist portrait of thirty-year-olds, mentions the title of another Canadian film that made a sensation in Cannes in 2003, which matches current moods. This is "Invasion of the Barbarians," a comedy by Denis Arcand.

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While I value the opinion of Mr. Sobolewski, reaching for the phrase "political correctness" is sterile and unnecessary. Maybe we live in a world where the narcissistic-billing Almodóvar cinema ceases to care? Maybe there are more important issues? In 1999, Mr. Tadeusz also made a mistake in his unfair assessment of "Rosetta" by the Dardenne brothers, who rightly won then with "Everything about my mother".

it should be noted that this "most outstanding in the competition? Pain and splendor? Pedro Almodóvar" is perceived as such by Mr. Tadeusz, but maybe not everyone shares his opinion? for example, absolutely not:]

As far as I associate it, Tarantino and Almodovar also got a 6-minute ovation, so surely the audience necessarily wanted to see Bonga with the Golden Palm? Anyway, for now, when I haven't seen the strength of any of the movies, I feel sorry for Almodovar and also for Porumboiu, who did nothing at all ... I don't know Bong's work at all, but I've heard a lot of good about it, moreover, Korean cinema is rare he receives awards at major festivals, so I accept this Palm with moderate satisfaction. I also enjoy the award for directing for the Dardenne (which must be considered a surprise) and for the script for Sciamma.

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