Cannes 2019: 'Young Ahmed' about a teenage Islamist. Perhaps meeting the West with Islam will bear fruit, however?

Cannes 2019: 'Young Ahmed' about a teenage Islamist. Perhaps meeting the West with Islam will bear fruit, however?

A young Ahmed from the movie Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne ("Le jeune Ahmed"), a Belgian thirteen-year-old, talented student, distinguished by his teacher, is seduced by jihad. He wants to be perfect, live exactly as God wants. At school, he leaves school at a certain time to pray. He can't be a minute late. He stops giving his hand to women.

I hope that the brothers got up after the previous, simply unsuccessful film, namely "Stranger Girl". If some miracle "Young Ahmed" is on the level of the magnificent "Rosetta", then maybe Palme can win, though ... Would Almodovar and his brothers fight again? I don't think so.

Throughout history, humanity has been striving to realize the slogan of the French Revolution: "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood." And God is a collective consciousness of all humanity, which, just like nature, "moans in pain in childbirth," as the apostle says. That is why the meeting between Christianity and Islamic culture is inevitable and needed because it is to visualize unity and not to destroy this "bright blue dot"? (or Earth) as Carl Sagan called it.

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