Cannes: A man attacked with a knife in the throat in the city center

Cannes: A man attacked with a knife in the throat in the city center

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The attack took place around 2:15 p.m. in the rue d'Antibes, one of the busiest streets in downtown Cannes. A man in his 60s was stabbed, in the throat in particular, to a stabbing knife by an individual arrested half an hour later, said a police source.

"& Nbsp; The first stab was in the throat and the second in the upper body. Given the location of this first move, we immediately wondered about a possible terrorist motivation. But, as it stands, nothing allows us to think so ", said the prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse Fabienne Atzori, interviewed by 20 Minutes.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack, arrested a few streets away, is from Eastern Europe & nbsp; and 45 years old, according to the magistrate. He was placed in police custody at the Cannes police station, but his motives remain unknown at the moment.

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