Cannes Festival 2019. There is also Sylvester Stallone with "Rambo V - Last Blood"

Cannes Festival 2019. There is also Sylvester Stallone with Rambo V - Last Blood

There will also be Stallone in Cannes. The Italian-American actor and director will present some images of Rambo V- Last Blood (probably the last chapter of the saga dedicated to the iconic Vietnam veteran). It will also be screened in a restored Rambo version from 1982

The Cannes Film Festival (14-25 May) will also feature Sylvester Stallone with the first images of Rambo V - Last Blood. We will taste a pinch of the last chapter of the successful action saga that began in 1982 and gave so much popularity (along with Rocky) to the Italian-American actor. Sly will be honored on May 24 with a video montage of his career as an actor, director, screenwriter and producer, and the first unforgettable Rambo (First Blood, 1982) by Ted Kotcheff, based on the novel Primo sangue di Davis Morrell.

John Rambo is a Vietnam veteran who received the medal of honor. Visiting an old battle mate, he realizes he was the last survivor of the assault team. The impact with the town of Hope is not the best: the former fighter is in fact arrested and tortured because he is considered a tramp. That event will bring back to the surface the dramatic memories of the war: John instinctively rebels and flees the police station. From that moment a manhunt begins in the woods of the area. Rambo is alone against everyone, but no one will be able to stop him. The only one who can untangle the mess is Colonel Samuel Trautman, John's former commander. The success at the box office will return Stallone in the role of Rambo.

In 1985 & nbsp; Rambo 2 - La vendetta comes out in theaters (it collected 300 million dollars worldwide, more than double compared to the previous chapter). We find Rambo forced to do forced labor after the events of the first film, but Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) will be able to release him on condition that he completes a mission consisting in freeing the US military imprisoned in the North of Vietnam. John agrees, but once again he will find himself alone against all and forced to take revenge for a wrong suffered. Rambo III (1988) is the least successful chapter. & Nbsp; Rambo & nbsp; lives in Thailand in a quiet Buddhist community. This time he will be forced to return to battle (in Pakistan) to save Colonel Trautman.

Twenty years after Stallone & nbsp; returns to hold bow, arrows, knives and miter in John Rambo (2008), directed by the same actor. For the occasion, the range of action shifts to the heart of the Burmese dictatorship. The film is dedicated to Richard Crenna, the interpreter of Colonel Trautman. In September 2019 the fifth, and probably last, episode of the film saga (Rambo V: Last Blood) will arrive, the filming of which has just ended. This time the former soldier will have to meet with the Mexican mafia. In the cast is also Paz Vega.

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