Cannes Film Festival 2019, all the films in competition

Cannes Film Festival 2019, all the films in competition

The Cannes Film Festival will return for the 72nd edition from 14 to 25 May 2019 in the evocative French setting. Twenty-one are the films that compete for the coveted Palma d'Oro, including Marco Bellocchio with "Il Traitor", the only Italian in the race. Last year, Hirokazu Kore-eda's film "A Family Affair" won the award. Who will be the Palme d'Or award this year? Let's see together which are the films in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2019

Migration, poverty, conscientious objection, amarcord, Hollywood fever, nostalgia of all kinds and much more, one cannot say anything is missing from the twenty-one films competing in this 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival which opens on Tuesday 14 May. Only one Italian film against this patrol: Marco Bellocchio's traitor.

It is a sort of autobiographical Amarcord. A director no longer young and without a future takes a journey into the past where old feelings, great loves and disappointments reappear.

The only Italian film in competition in Cannes (in theaters from 23 May), Il Traitor, sees Pierfrancesco Favino in the role of Tommaso Buscetta, the most famous repentant of the Mafia

It is the story of the story of Alice and Joachim, who dream of cinema. One morning a vagabond takes Joachim for a criminal named Zoran, who died August 21, 1983, the day of Joachim's birth. This coincidence haunts both.

The director takes us to Roubaix where the local police chief and a recent graduate face the murder of an old woman. The victim's neighbors, Claude and Marie, are arrested.

The first African director in competition in Cannes tells a story of migration. In Dakar, some unpaid bricklayers for months decide to leave the country by embarking on the ocean.

It is the story of a group of young friends from Montreal who meet after years. Among these Matthias and Maxime, best friends from a lifetime who will realize that they are in love during this unexpected reunion.

The Viennese director stages a dystopian fantasy. On stage a new plant that seems to produce changes in the people or animals with which it comes in contact. People touched by the effluvi of this plant seem to have a modified personality.

The film tells the story of Ricky and his family, who have always struggled with debt after the 2008 crack. The opportunity to regain independence comes to Ricky with a leased van and a job as a carrier.

Inspired by the clashes in the 2005 Parisian banlieu, the film revolves around three members of an anti-crime brigade who are overwhelmed while trying to arrest a man.

The American director takes us into a drama of the Second World War, that of Franz Jaegerstaetter, conscientious objector who was guillotined by the Third Reich in 1943.

The film is about a director who decides to go to a village inside Brazil for a documentary. As the days go by, the locals turn out to be strange as if they were hiding dangerous secrets.

It is the story of a policeman committed to freeing a businessman from a Canary Island. To do this he must learn the local dialect, a language that includes hissing and spitting.

The life of a family, seen through three generations, will be turned upside down by a trip to Portugal, to Sintra, a historic city known for its gardens, villas and fairytale palaces.

Set in France in the eighteenth century, it features a young painter who is commissioned to have a wedding portrait of Helose to do without her knowledge. But dating between the two women will create a growing attraction between them.

A man escapes from Palestine in search of a new home. He travels to different cities, but sees his native land everywhere. A burlesque tale that explores identity, nationality and belonging.

It is the name of a psychotherapist in crisis who returns to her first passion: writing. Her latest patient Margot, an emerging and problematic actress, proves to be a tempting source of inspiration up to her obsession.

Set in 1969. Once upon a time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's new film is centered around a television actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has had success with a series and now tries to break through to the cinema too. His stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) is trying to get the same type of recognition. The massacre of Sharon Tate and four other people by Charles Manson and his bloodthirsty sect will serve as a backdrop to the main story.

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