Cannes 'finished' when you start the film!

Cannes 'finished' when you start the film!

WALL - Les Miserables Victor Hugo's 1862 novel. This year, the French film by Ladj Ly, which took part in the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival, bears the same name and quotes from the novel. The film begins with documentary footage showing celebrations in Paris after France won the world cup in 2018. However, we also watch African young people who will play an important role in the film with French flags in their hands. These young people live in a highly problematic, high-crime suburb of Paris. Considering that the majority of the French national team consists of African-origin players, it can be considered that these young people congratulate the players of their own colors.

In recent years, you've noticed that one of the main characters in the US-made police series is African or central American origin, a good, even not only good, but more sensible cop than a white partner. Although it does not overlap with the facts, such a choice can be said to comfort the audience. One of the three policemen patrolling the streets to ensure peace in the ‘Miserables Afrika was of African origin, and was born and raised in that area. In this suburb of Paris, sağlamak providing peace ’is not an easy task. There is a mafia-style organization of the mayor of the region (also of African origin). The Muslim Brotherhood group and the drug-dealing gangs have nothing to do with the law. The team of three policemen, who have undertaken the task of restoring peace, has a relationship with all these people. The (white) policeman directing the team; he is a violent and racist person, has no tolerance for anyone, and does not abstain from using violence against people he considers potentially guilty. The other two policemen on the team are gonna blow the fuck out.

Stealing a small lion cub from a circus under the direction of the Roma leads to the deterioration of already fragile balances. We know that the thief is a young African descent. After witnessing good police - bad police strife and very intense violence throughout the film, at the end of the day, when the whole fight-fight is over, we watch the residents and policemen quietly and thoughtfully in their homes and in the pubs.

It is known that young people from different ethnic and religious groups live a difficult life in the suburbs of big cities, most of them are unemployed and violence continues to be an important problem for years. But should that be the case? When the ‘Miserables ındaki, which tasted like a television series, came to an end, an intense hoot came out of the hall. In particular, French viewers feel very free to protest the films they don't like, or to applaud what they like.

I asked myself, neden Why did they choose this ordinary film for the festival?. A couple of journalists I spoke to didn't like the film at all. However, Alberto Barbera, director of the Venice Film Festival that I met in the evening, said that he liked the film very much and considered it a masterpiece. What do we say? Pleasures and colors are changing.

If you don't use an invitation from the Cannes Film Festival using your name badge, which means you don't go to the cinema, you get a penalty and your chances of getting an invitation for the next screening are reduced. I think they will soon apply this rule to those who leave the room before the movies are finished. Because a lot of people leave the movie they don't like and leave the room in half, and sometimes it's more fun to count the people who come out instead of watching the movie.

[3g 11s 10d] The comedy-drama Marriage Story, written and directed by Noah Baumbach, was published on Netflix. The film focuses on the disintegrating marriage of the director and actress, and tells the couple's divorce.

La I Am You “starring Damla Sönmez was nominated for Best Foreign Films at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. Sönmez's "Sibel" film is also in the same category in the awards.

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