Cannes is full

Cannes is full

As the weekend draws near, most of the official lodgings have already made their way to the full table, as the number of residents swells three times during the film festival.

One of the main questions for those attending the Cannes Festival is where, under what conditions and for how much they can spend the night in the small coastal town of France, which has just under 75,000 inhabitants.

Carlton is one of the busiest places for luxury hotels where the Queen of Thailand or Elton John will host a party at the hotel beach bar after the biography has been premiered during the festival, but the festival management will also hold an official reception in Carlton. part.

In the impressive sea-front building of the early 20th century, 343 rooms range in price from one thousand to 15 thousand euros (326 thousand - 4.9 million forints), depending on whether Sophie Marceau has a 300 square meter suite spend or meet Uma Thurman's barely 85 square feet smaller apartment.

The big change in Cannes in recent years is that it is relatively easy for Airbnb and similar family-owned catering services to find a rental property for anyone who can afford it during the festival. A three-bedroom apartment can be rented for € 12,500 for the duration of the festival, equivalent to € 1,200 per night. The "cheapest" place is the yacht cabins of the marina, which can be taken from 8 pm for 170 euros.

The campsite on the hill over Cannes, which can accommodate 350 people in tents and bungalows, is gaining popularity. The campsite is less than five kilometers from the festival palace, with direct bus service departing every twenty minutes between 6 am and 2 pm.

However, according to Dominique Pallis, the camp manager, festivalgoers are reluctant to tent but look for rooms, but there are also cinema enthusiasts who usually come in groups and some journalists have only found accommodation there. However, it is mainly the festival staff (chefs, hostesses, security guards) who make use of the campsite, where a double bungalow can be rented for € 300 a week.

However, some of the festival entertainers spend the night at the beach, where the silent decree, which comes into effect at 2am, allows you to sleep relatively quietly, but only until 4pm when the noisy cleaning machines arrive to prepare for the next day's events.

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