Cannes Lions 2018, fifth day, closing: parties, life hacks and prices for Disneyland for creatives

Cannes Lions 2018, fifth day, closing: parties, life hacks and prices for Disneyland for creatives

Festival Cannes Lions 2018, the main world event of the advertising and creative industries, ended on Friday, June 22. Throughout the past week, I talked about the most striking performances and atmosphere at the festival, about the victory of Russian children in the competition “Young Lions”. In the last article of the cycle I will talk about the most interesting - parties and prices of French Cannes.

Complete Pass is the main type of ticket that gives you the right to attend all performances and nominations of the festival, except for some closed sponsorship areas and private parties. This badge also has Gold and Platinum extensions. Base price - € 3249.

At the beginning and at the end of the festival week on the beach in front of the exhibition complex, two grand parties are held. In addition to the general open space, where you can go with almost all types of tickets, except Networking, there is a VIP zone. This time it was sponsored by Innocean, an international advertising agency from South Korea.

Both parties are held on a large scale, live music plays, DJs play, alcohol and a huge buffet are freely available - so large that everyone has enough, despite the fact that at least 1,500-2,000 people gather here.

The atmosphere, of course, is unforgettable: everyone gets to know each other, share their impressions. The main thing is to then remember who all these people you added on Facebook are.

At the closing, the organizers pleased the guests with a cool salute. He was launched from boats towards the shore, where the party was going on, and the charges exploded very close, above the coastal water, turning the surrounding space into an insanely beautiful, bright and vibrant abstraction.

The party lasted from 9 p.m. until 1 p.m., and even the rain that started unexpectedly did not hinder it. He beautifully shimmered in disco-colored beams, until he finally flooded the DJs and ripped off one of the concerts. However, this did not bother anyone.

Parties at the Cannes Film Festival continue every day, moreover, in a variety of formats. If you are lucky enough to find an invitation through acquaintances, you can visit one of the private yacht parties that major media agencies or brands rent for their customers and employees.

The famous French advertising and communication holding Havas opened its own cafe for the duration of the festival, where you could watch football, listen to live music and chat with agency staff.

A more affordable alternative to yachts was private parties in the surrounding villas, which were spontaneously organized by the festival guests themselves. I visited one of these guys from Vein Technologies. At such a party, completely unexpected acquaintances may ensue: for example, I met guys from an Israeli start-up to determine smells.

The best way to restore strength between performances is to go to one of the beach areas organized by the largest media brands: CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Shutterstock and Dentsu.

Glasses and towels are handed out here, soft sunbeds are arranged everywhere. In free bars - cold beer, ice cream, smoothies, various snacks, vegetables and fruits. Facebook added to this interesting lectures with a bias in their projects and a stand for creativity.

Cannes know how to surprise. On a hill near the Palais des Festivals is the famous Castres Castle, built in the 12th century, where today is the ethnographic museum. Once upon a time, monks lived here, and now there are cool parties with fashionable DJs and art installations.

When you first get to the festival, at first you don’t understand where to go and how to manage everything. There is a slight panic and a feeling of loss. The best remedy for her was Telegram-chat for Russian guys, created by Vitaly Bykov, CEO of the Red Keds creative agency, for which many thanks to him.

Chat replenished spontaneously, through random street meetings, as a result an impressive “agent network” gathered there, which promptly informed where the standing performances were going, shared life hacks and sent out invitations to parties.

According to the feedback from the chat guys, many people arrive in Cannes in advance, a couple of days before the opening. Many remain after the festival to continue their European holidays. On the Cote d'Azur, where Cannes is located, there is a lot of luxury entertainment, and significant competition forces to lower prices. Therefore, here you can rent a Porsche or Ferrari sports car two to three times cheaper than in other places, and "polish" the cultural shock of the festival with impressions of a cool car.

But as for housing, then it will not be possible to save on it. According to common practice, during exhibitions and festivals, rental rates in Cannes increase three to four times. The cost of living for five days in rubles:

Uber tariffs are rising these days too. A trip from Nice Airport to Cannes by taxi at the usual price of € 45-60 due to increasing factors will cost € 90. Add another € 60 - and you can go this way by helicopter (also from Uber) with views of the Riviera. If I knew about this at the time of arrival, I would definitely try.

Probably, for those who are not in Cannes for the first time, what is happening does not cause such strong emotions, but the first impression is just space. Someone aptly called the festival "Disneyland for creators", and I agree with that.

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If you buy tickets on time (with luck), rent an apartment on Airbnb (~ 800 euros for an apartment with a living room, a bedroom and a balcony), cook breakfast at home (~ 50 euros for two for 5 days), eat snacks in the brand areas (free of charge, in some areas 5 euros per sandwich), and occasionally dine in cafes / restaurants (~ 50 + euros for two for dinner with the simplest bottle of rose), and also bring along your companion ticket (~ 720 euros including VAT), then You can save a lot.

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