Cannes Lions awards through the eyes of the female lions

Cannes Lions awards through the eyes of the female lions

Mad & amp; Under the leadership of Woman Founder and CEO Christelle Delarue, Les Lionnes (& Lions) set out to offer an alternative to the Cannes Lions this year to protect women in the industry, to improve women's rights and to stop ordinary sexism. Female Lions analyzed the award winning works at Cannes Lions and rewarded them according to their results.

According to the analysis of the 50 women under Delarue, who handled their work, only 11.23 percent of the winners at the Cannes Lions were able to get a passing grade in terms of gender equality. Female Lions awarded 100 Female Lions, 68 of which were Bronze, 25 of which were Silver and seven of which were Gold.

The analysis shows that women cannot find a place in the management levels of the sector in an annoying way. Delarue explained the low number of female gold and silver lions with the small number of women working on the creative side, adding that the situation is even worse at the management level. Delarue shared that North America is in a better position in terms of gender equality and that Europe and South America are at the bottom. Another interesting piece of information shared by Delarue is the fact that this year the Cannes Lions have many men-only jobs, but no women-only jobs.

Saniye Gülser Corat, UNESCO Gender Equality Director said that the results reveal the dark source of gender discrimination in the sector. He does this by finding the smallest common denominator, which includes both conscious and unconscious prejudices. Gender discrimination is the worst of these primary instincts, and the advertising sector is spreading gender discrimination without any regrets. I need an emergency. We need to tell the agencies that their dependence on abusive structures is unacceptable. Female Lions remind us that women are equal stakeholders, both creative and consumer. ”

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