Cannes Lions diaries: Day one

Cannes Lions diaries: Day one

As MediaCat, it was the first day at the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival that we have been following on-site for more than 10 years. The first messages from the concurrent sessions and meetings at the numerous sites spread around the Palais des Festivals and its immediate surroundings değil are not new. At least for now. The concepts of diversity, artificial intelligence, experience and purpose, which have been occupying the agenda of the sector and the Cannes Lions for a while, seem to be highly remembered this year.

If you are familiar with the Cannes Lions scene, you've come across countless kez sponsored sessions vel before. The fact that any brand or agency from anywhere in the world tells us how valuable works it has produced in the last two years does not usually leave a pleasant taste at the end of these meetings. However, it was necessary to say that an exceptional situation took place in a session that took place yesterday.

Human AI and the Personalization of Customer Experience (this title, which is also admirable for multiple buzzwords), where the leaders of the artificial intelligence-oriented technology company Soul Machines! a living example.

Developed for the Japanese cosmetics brand SK-II, the “digital brain” YUMI interacted with participants who filled the Debussy Theater by processing the data it collected instantly, ”unlike any other boring chatbot“ and offered personalized skin care recommendations. It is obvious that the days when brands are described as “experience providers ac will remain on the agenda for a long time.

Brandless took the stage yesterday at Cannes Lions, where the debate about what brand is catching is never missing. Aaron Magness, CMO of Brandless, an e-commerce brand that has grown rapidly since 2017, bringing together over 100 “unbranded le products to consumers, and Matt Hofherr's Elizabeth Geri, the founding partner of the brand's agency M / H VCCP. The session focused on the opportunities offered by a “world without brand”. CMO Magness said Brandless's success has been attributed to three P's: Product, People, Purpose.

The most important message from the session, often referenced to the perfectly imperfect concept that entered our lives, especially with Generation Z, came from Matt Hoffherr: olarak As industry professionals, we strive to make everything perfect. But today's greatest value is speed. You have to take an acceptable mistake and act quickly and try nonstop. Otherwise, you won't be able to switch to innate fast brands like Brandless. ”

The creative industry undermines the psychology of individuals in the industry with its non-daytime working hours and the consequences of intensive work pace. Kathy Delaney, Publicis Health Global CCO, Model Corinne Foxx, National Director of NAMI Strategic Partnership Katrina Gay and Smith Group Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Rosa Sheng discusses the challenges of the creative industry to mitigate the negative effects of employees on the mental health of the Cannes Lions Health scene. It was deposited. Delaney underlined that the suicide rates in the creative industry are increasing by 34 percent and emphasized that certain precautions should be taken in this regard.

Bak By looking at how the employees look from the outside, you can understand how things actually work within the company, Del said Delaney, who said employers “should open their hearts and really listen to their employees.. According to Gay, the psychology of employees is not only a matter of concern to the human resources department, and it is necessary to look at it from a much wider perspective. Stating the importance of executives to provide their employees with opportunities to create their own special areas, Gay said that distributing the excess workload with freelance employees may be one of the solutions.

Delaney emphasized that the demands of the customers should be managed in order to protect the health of the employees of their agencies. “Life has some realities, we can't change things, but we have to prevent certain requests and tasks from being at a level that disrupts employee psychology,” he said.

Another interesting session of the day was Creative Women organized at Young Lions Academy for the last three years. In the session, where successful women of the sector shared their stories with young professionals, the themes highlighted diversity and equality. Gray New York Creative Director Katherine O’Brien spoke of the bullying she faced growing up and the imposter syndrome reflex she developed to overcome it. On the agenda of Creative Director Rocio Ramieriz, he had problems as a Hispanic minority professional. Ramirez's message to the young creators was clear: the way to success is not through change, but through improvement.

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