Cannes Lions Festival 2019 - where is our industry heading?

Cannes Lions Festival 2019 - where is our industry heading?

"Target-oriented brands" and "authenticity" are still thrown during this year's Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival. Empathy, openness and authenticity were the connective tissue of this year's Cannes Lions. And unlike in recent years, this attitude was not just an artificial creation - at this point it is so that this trend is part of the DNA of many brands marketing - the trends of this year's Cannes Lions seen through the eyes of the strategy director, writes Joanna Wiral,, strategy director at Ogilvy.

Currently, every brand strives to build an emotional bond with the consumer, but in the reality in which we live, there are no longer consumers who are uncritically susceptible to brand messages. In return, brands need to work hard to create activities in which people are eager to participate. The key word here is authenticity.

"Target-oriented brands" and "authenticity" were phrases thrown over and over during the weekly festival. There are several statistical reasons for this trend; namely, 70% of consumers believe in the recommendations of other consumers about products, more than the recommendations suggested by brands on the Internet, while 58% of millennials hate advertising. Not to mention the fact that research done in the past has shown that as many as 84% ​​of millennials do not trust advertising.

Empathy, openness and authenticity were the connective tissue of this year's Cannes Lions. And unlike in recent years, this attitude was not just an artificial creation - at this point, this trend is part of the DNA of many brands' marketing.

It is no longer enough to be groundbreaking or to "wake up". Marketers, now more than ever, must be traveling companions towards being more human. Brands should create activities that genuinely connect with their products or services and consumers want to participate in them in an authentic way (they are not forced or need to change the way they act).

This year, an example of such a brand that has worked hard, but whose activities at a distance did not raise any questions, as happens with cases, is Initiative E.V.A, whose execution is Volvo. Most car manufacturers manufacture vehicles based on data based only on male test dummies. This makes women more likely to be injured in an accident than men. That's why it's time to share the knowledge accumulated over 40 years of Volvo research on safety issues. That cars would be safe for everyone - and not just for the average man.

The next trend visible in Cannes this year is the pursuit of Big Idea. Over the past few years, everyone has been pissed off by the idea of ​​storytelling in our industry. Because telling stories, as we know, works. However, this year it was evident that brands want to have great ideas that translate into new tools, platforms and technologies, because as we note, we are starting to move away from telling beautiful stories on TV, and we need to translate them into digital activities.

It is important that as an industry we must understand what ideas are behind our Big Idea. As a strategist, I think that we should not lock ourselves in the room with creation, but we should invite psychologists and futurologists to the discussion (yes, there is such a profession and in London a lot of agencies use and cooperate with them on long-term projects), people who in a given field and sector are experts to finally find authentic insights, not generics, which can work on any client. & Nbsp;

When it comes to Big Ideas, the vast majority of the works that won this year were based on data. We should look for data and analysis that can direct the campaign and lead to real groundbreaking activities. And I will say right away that there were debates in Cannes about whether it is possible to achieve the optimal balance between data and creativity.

Aline Santos, vice president of global marketing at Unilever, said: "The data is black and white. Creativity is colorful. Data is more rational, creativity is more emotional. But you know what? They are not independent of each other. They can work together. I think that data is a huge source of knowledge for us today, and data can be a driving force through which our creativity will be increased, strengthened and provided to consumers. " In my opinion, we should have greater access to data within our clients' organizations. This is where the gems hide that can direct us to the winning Big Ideas.

Momentum does not guarantee winnings ... new technologies and platforms, yes! As I mentioned before - brands are looking for channels and touchpoints that are new.

Starting with the "Dream Crazy" festival, Nike was recognized as a big winner, but eventually he managed to win only two Grand Prix. The campaign was probably the most popular on social media, but the Wendy’s award at Fortnite sparked much controversy. According to PJ Pereira, chairman of the jury, the panel wanted to choose an idea that is guided by the future. "This was a new trend, not the culmination of & nbsp; previous trend, "said Pereira. Moving on the subject of Wendy’s and gaming, I agree with the statement of Łukasz Turkowksi, media director & Gameset partner with whom I had the pleasure to talk in the evening after the Cannes gala.

According to Łukasz (and me) Gaming marketing is increasingly emphasizing its presence at the most important events in the world of advertising. This year, the number of competition entries that were embedded in gaming increased significantly - and most importantly, they were not trivial solutions, such as building your own game or using gamification. There were full-fledged campaigns dedicated to player communities. And their quality is proved by, among others an award for Wendy's for a stunt based on Fortnite. This case is a great illustration of how tactically you can use a trending game by taking advantage of interest around it. The essence of this campaign was its simplicity: knowledge of the game, which allowed to associate that in her world there is a virtual QSR network and that one of the available character skins resembles brand hero. It was enough to create a great Big Idea, which was equally implemented by basing the campaign on natural communication channels for players.

Another mega trend is 'purpose driven' brands. Many Grand Prix ideas came up that were related to some aspect of social good, even outside categories that are definitely goal-oriented.

The jury of one of the oldest categories, Print, awarded the main prize of the Lebanese publication An-Nahar (a blank page of the newspaper), which aimed to persuade national politicians to finally break the long deadlock. As I am writing about campaigns that are aimed at social welfare, it was very noticeable that this year there was very little humor in Cannes. Certainly it is related to the topic of help, the political and geological situation. "Each category we looked at was emotional because everything was of great importance," said David Droga, chairman of the jury in the Sustainable Development Goals category.

The lack of humor and giggles was evident in other categories, which causes reflections that our society, consumers and viewers are burdened with hundreds of problems ... from trivial everyday to those that will be mentioned in history books. Brands that can understand but also answer the question: how to help people in the current situation will lead the way. However, as a very positive and optimistic person, I ask myself - should we not try to look for ways to implant some joy and humor (where appropriate) into our actions? Maybe this will allow brands to stand out. After all, the glass should be half full, not half empty.

The advertising agency of the year was Wieden + Kennedy operating in Portland, ahead of Road5 and New York McCann. Wieden + Kennedy owes its triumph primarily to awards for the "Dream Crazy" action for Nike, which won, among others Grand Prix in the Outdoor and Entertainment Lions for Sport categories.

The best agencies were also identified in the main thematic areas, into which 29 competition categories were divided. In the coverage area, VML & YR from Kansas City won before Forsman & amp; Bodenfors and New York FCB, in the Dobro area (three categories regarding social action and CSR) - the Polish branch of VMLY & amp; R before AMV BBDO and Clemenger BBDO.

The "Your Last Weekend" campaign, which the advertising agency VMLY & amp; R Poland (in cooperation with Wavemaker and Papaya Films) prepared on the occasion of Women's Day together with, BNP Paribas and Mastercard won the Grand Prix in the Glass: the Lion for Change category and Titanium Lion, as well as three bronze Lions in the categories: Print & Publishing, PR and Brand Experience & Activation. She competed for awards on seven shortlists. The Grand Prix and Titanic Lions won are the first prestigious awards at Cannes Lions in the history of Polish advertising.

In the Experience area, McCann from New York triumphed ahead of RKB Communication and Leo Burnett Chicago, in the area of ​​Entertainment - Vienna + Kennedy before AKQA and UM Studios, in the area of ​​Craft - Road5 before DDB Paris and Virtue, and in the area of ​​Communication - Wieden + Kennedy Portland before Road5 and McCann from New York.

Among the advertising agencies, McCann came first, ahead of DDB and FCB. Omnicom became the marketing holding company of the year, before IPG and WPP.

Ice cream brand Ben & amp; Jerry’s (Unilever) was a partner of last year's Equality Parade, one of the largest LGBT events in Poland. In cooperation with Miłość Nie Wyklucza and the Volunteering Equality Foundation for equality of marriages, Brand was campaigning for equality between two-sex and same-sex marriages in Poland. As part of the campaign, a rainbow in the form of a water-light hologram was opened on Zbawiciel Square in Warsaw on June, Friday evening. Earlier, for several years, the rainbow was present there as a composition of flowers on a metal structure. In 2013, it was set on fire during the Independence March.

Gold and Silver in the PR category was also won by the campaign "The people's seat", which the Gray London agency prepared in cooperation with Gray Group Poland. & Nbsp; As part of this campaign, residents of the entire world on Twitter could express their concerns about climate change on our planet. They also had the opportunity to share their views with leaders, governments and organizations on the subject - this problem was raised during the UN Climate Summit - COP24.

This year's Cannes Lions edition received 30,953 entries from 89 countries. Two new categories appeared in the competition: Creative Strategy Lion and Entertainment Lion for Sport, after a year break, Publicis Groupe agencies returned to the competition for prizes.

Polish agencies submitted 162 works, of which 43 were shortlisted - and 12 turned into prizes (1 Grand Prix, 1 Titan Lion, 1 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze prizes). & Nbsp;

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