Cannes: "On the front line", the beach managers used to raise the alarm in the event of a tsunami

Cannes: On the front line, the beach managers used to raise the alarm in the event of a tsunami

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"& Nbsp; We & nbsp; were all concerned, directly or indirectly, with what struck & nbsp; in Thailand in 2004. We should not be dramatic, but we say that it can happen here too. So it's best to prepare for it. " With all his colleagues, Olivier Rotondaro, the president of the Cannes beach owners, signed Monday with the town hall of the city of festivals & nbsp; a charter "& nbsp; on the risk of tsunamis & nbsp;" and marine submersions & nbsp; ».

A unique initiative in France, after two full-scale simulation exercises organized in collaboration with the Tsunami Warning Center (Cenalt). "& Nbsp; Coastal professionals are on the front line and they can & nbsp; have a role to play & nbsp; in keeping people safe & nbsp;" explained David Lisnard, the mayor (LR) of Cannes, which has 7.6 & nbsp; km of beaches.

The municipality has notably worked on the development of evacuation maps containing "& nbsp; refuge areas & nbsp;". "& Nbsp; We have identified & nbsp; high points of more than 5m & nbsp; or areas distant by more than 200m from the coastline & nbsp;", explains Karin Topin Condomitti.

By signing this charter, presented on the occasion of the & nbsp; World Tsunami Awareness Day & nbsp; this Tuesday, the plagists also undertake to & nbsp; be registered on the contact list of the municipal network Cannes Alert, to & nbsp; prepare "& Nbsp; emergency kits & nbsp;" and to & nbsp; follow training in order to better understand the "& nbsp; warning signs & nbsp;".

"& Nbsp; They can be alerters themselves if they witness an earthquake or a phenomenon of withdrawal from the sea & nbsp;", explains the manager further. Cannes fishermen and fishermen will also be involved.

"& Nbsp; We smell the sea. We live with it all day. We can give the alert fairly quickly. Several conferences are planned to teach us to detect anomalies & nbsp; ”, explains Olivier Rotondaro.

And the risk does exist. & Nbsp; Laurie Boschetti, of the & nbsp; laboratory Geoazur, explained a short 20 minutes ago that the Côte d'Azur was exposed to the earthquakes of the Ligurian fault, located between 20 & nbsp; km from the coast , but also to "& nbsp; gravity events & nbsp;".

"& Nbsp; Locally, the topography of the seabed is favorable & nbsp; to landslides & nbsp;", notes the specialist. In 1979, a & nbsp; tsunami & nbsp; caused by a subsidence of a ground on a building site in the south of the airport of Nice killed eleven people.

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