Cannes Opens With Jim Jarmusch's Zombie Comedy | Film & amp; Series | SWR2 | SWR

Cannes Opens With Jim Jarmusch's Zombie Comedy | Film & amp; Series | SWR2 | SWR

Quentin Tarantino, Pedro Almodóvar, Terrence Malick - in the competition for the Golden Palm at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, the old masters of author cinema are again represented in large numbers. Four of the 21 competition films come from directors this year, for example from the Austrian Jessica Hauser. Jim Jarmusch opens the world's most important film show with the zombie comedy "The Dead Don't Die".

One eagerly awaits the contribution by Austrian Jessica Hausner. Her psychological thriller "Little Joe" is about genetic manipulation. Many of the other palm tree candidates are old acquaintances of the festival.

With "Ahmed", the Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne present the portrait of a young man. In “Sorry, We Missed You”, Ken Loach tells the story of a family dependent on globalization.

There is German participation in the competition film by US director Terrence Malick, "A Hidden Life". The German-American co-production with August Diehl is about a conscientious objector in the Nazi era. & Nbsp;

The French actor Alain Delon receives the Golden Honor Palm this year - despite massive criticism in advance. Feminists accuse Delon of racism and sexism.

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival will open with a film by Jim Jarmusch, the American star director and hero of independent cinema. "The Dead don't die" is a comedy about the favorite undead of cinema: zombies.

Occupied with international top stars - Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Murray, Adam Driver - this will probably be a successful as well as weird cinema fun.

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" by Quentin Tarantino is probably the most anticipated film this year. The cult director and “enfant terrible” Hollywood is far from getting old.

The film tells the fictional story of two run-down western stars and takes place at the same time against a background in film history: the awakening of New Hollywood in the 1960s and the murder wave by the Manson sect.

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