Cannes stars: Penelope Cruz, Anja Rubik and Paweł Pawlikowski

Cannes stars: Penelope Cruz, Anja Rubik and Paweł Pawlikowski

The Cannes film festival, the festival of European cinema, began for the 72nd time. Among the stars that appear on the red carpet, we can see famous directors, actor cream, as well as famous models. It is worth mentioning from Polish accents that Paweł Pawlikowski sat among the Canne jury, and model Anja Rubik at the premiere of the film Almodovara made a sensation with a bold stylization.

These moments of tinsel and egocentrism cost billions to enrich or shatter a human spirit? We are becoming troglodytes. Sintering is visible. The more KICZU this world loses spiritual values.

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