Cannes: The Competition Films - Great Filmmakers, Little New Discovery (Archive)

Cannes: The Competition Films - Great Filmmakers, Little New Discovery (Archive)

Quentin Tarantino's film is not yet finished. For this, a lot of other well-known names appear in the competition of the Cannes film festival: Pedro Almodóvar, the Dardenne brothers, Terrence Malick. "The usual suspects," says film journalist Patrick Wellinski.

A total of 19 different films will be shown in the program of the 72nd International Cannes Film Festival. However, this is not unexpected, says film journalist Patrick Wellinski. "There are so many old acquaintances and the usual suspects." For example, new films by Pedro Almodóvar, the Dardenne brothers, Terrence Malick or Ken Loach. "These are all directors who are simply in the DNA of this festival," says Wellinski.

Of course you want to see the new works by these great filmmakers. But "going on a journey of discovery" and getting to know new directors at this year's festival is hardly possible. The program would most likely still offer the opportunity to "rediscover" some directors - such as Elia Suleiman, who "always looks at the Middle East conflict with a very black humor".

After all, there are 13 directors in the official program - five of them in the race for the Golden Palm, in other words in the official competition. "This is a success for Cannes," says Wellinski. One of them is the Austrian Jessica Hausner ("Little Joe"), who is there for the first time.

And: At the premiere of Terrence Malick's "A Hidden Life" numerous German actors will probably walk the red carpet - for example August Diehl, Jürgen Prochnow, Sophie Rois and Franz Rogowski. The film tells the life story of the Austrian conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätte.

It is still unclear whether Quentin Tarantino's new film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will be shown at the festival. "Actually, Tarantino is currently sitting in Los Angeles, cutting like crazy and sweating because he really wants to show the film in Cannes," says Wellinski. "But it may be that he doesn't make it."

30 years after the end of the GDR, young people become Stasi employees in a card game. You should destroy as many files as possible - before the headquarters is stormed. A legitimate role change, says developer Martin Thiele-Schwez.

The sponsoring association Lingnerschloss has canceled a series of events by the magazine “Tumult” in Dresden, a reading by Uwe Tellkamp is also affected. The director of the Dresden State Theater, Joachim Klement, analyzes the debating debate.

The ethnological museums in this country are full of African masks or figures from Papua New Guinea. We consider them as works of art. But they are actually cult objects and belong at home, says the Cameroonian colonial researcher Albert Gouaffo.

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