Cannes vs Antibes: the real estate match!

Cannes vs Antibes: the real estate match!

This month, two heavyweights from the French Riviera real estate confront each other. Price per m², market development, housing prices, relationship between supply and demand ... Which city, Cannes or Antibes, will prevail?

According to data collected by the LPI-SeLoger barometer, it costs more to become an owner in Cannes than in Antibes. Indeed, the real estate price in Cannes reaches 4 & nbsp; 686 & nbsp; € per m² while it is "& nbsp; limited & nbsp;" to 4 & nbsp; 047 & nbsp; € / m² in Antibes. With the exception of Paris, major Ile-de-France cities (Neuilly, Levallois, Versailles, etc.) and Lyon, it is also in Cannes that housing prices are the highest, with prices ranging from simple to fivefold by property and by neighborhood! However, it is clear that prices in Cannes and Antibes both remain well above the national average which amounts to 3 & nbsp; 494 & nbsp; € / m² in the former.

The LPI-SeLoger barometer tells us that over the last twelve months, the price per m² in Antibes has tended to stabilize (+ 0.3%) while in Cannes, on the contrary, property prices are eroding ( - & nbsp; 1.2 & nbsp;%). All other things being equal, it is interesting to put into perspective the evolution that prices are currently experiencing in these two cities of the French Riviera with that which characterized them, a year ago. At the end of September 2018, the increase in the price of Antibes housing was limited to 0.8%, while the price of Cannes property recorded an annual increase of 7.9%. It emerges from this comparison that if Antibes prices show an undeniable stability, Cannes prices slow down considerably.

The figures collected by SeLoger show an average price of € 844 & nbsp; 996 & nbsp; for accommodation in Cannes compared to € 593 & nbsp; 649 & nbsp; € "& nbsp; only & nbsp;" for a property that would be located about 11 kilometers from distance, to Antibes. In the Cité des Festivals, the most popular sector is none other than the famous "banana", this urban area which includes the famous Croisette and where, for a high-end apartment with breathtaking views on the bay of Cannes, prices will soar. In terms of attractiveness, Cap d'Antibes & nbsp; - whose content in luxury villas is guaranteed & nbsp; - however, is not to be outdone, with selling prices that are close to the heights.

In Antibes as in Cannes, it is clear that the sales times remain long. Judge instead, while the national average is 71 days, data compiled by SeLoger indicates that in Antibes, selling a home takes, on average, 87 days and in Cannes, real estate transactions are 110 days late. Clearly, if Antibes prevails over this blow, it is better not to be in a hurry if you sell a good in Cannes or Antibes… To console yourself, a (re) reading of Cid & nbsp; de Corneille is required & nbsp ;! Because by diverting it to apply it to real estate, "& nbsp; to well-born souls, value does not wait for the number of years & nbsp;", Rodrigue's famous line, could become "& nbsp; value does not wait dot the number of days between the & nbsp; placing on the market and the completion of the sale… & nbsp; ".

At this point, Cannes and Antibes are neck and neck ... and it seems decidedly difficult to decide between them. However, it emerges from the study of the figures that gathered by SeLoger that in Antibes, the property tension index reaches 0.44 (for a seller, there are therefore 0.44 buyers) while it does not exceed 0 , 20 in Cannes. However, SeLoger also notes that demand tends to grow faster in Cannes & nbsp; (+ & nbsp; 13 & nbsp;% over 1 year) than in Antibes (+ & nbsp; 5 & nbsp;% over 1 year). And so this match ends in a draw ...

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