Cannes will ban polluting ocean liners from its port next year

Cannes will ban polluting ocean liners from its port next year

Cannes has been content with the pollution of its city and is now taking steps to clean the air. Cannes, France's fourth largest sea port, is the first country in its initiative to ban the most polluting ships from its port.

Starting next year, it will not allow sea and ocean-going vessels that do not comply with the 0.1 percent sulfur limit for their fuel to enter port. The French city hosts the most popular film festival every year, so it attracts many tourists throughout the year. With the introduction of the ban, there are fears that some people will have to avoid one of the most famous cities in the French Riviera. & Nbsp;

Cannes Mayor David Lisnard said in an interview with Reuters that he wanted to combat air pollution rather than the old ones. Ceilings have already been introduced in the ports of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel according to European Union air purity regulations. & Nbsp;

Cruise ship fuel oil contains two thousand times more sulfur dioxide than conventional marine diesel oil, says German air pollution analyst Axel Friedrich. "We do not welcome more tourists arriving by polluting ship," Lisnard adds. & Nbsp;

With the growth of the sea and ocean cruise industry, the populations of the most popular tourist destinations often freeze, but ships also pose a serious threat to the environment. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Three months ago, Italy's leading conservation group said Venice should be added to the United Nations (UN) list of cities at risk, and ocean-going ships should be banned from vulnerable lagoons before an ecological disaster strikes.

According to data from the International Association of Ocean Cruises (CLIA), the industry's main trade association, 30 million passengers are expected to sail 300 ships this year, up from 17.8 million ten years ago.

In July, the Norwegian Shipping Company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, which controls 40% of maritime traffic in Cannes, signed an agreement with the city that promised to reduce the pollution of their ships.

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