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The awards will be announced this evening (Saturday) at the 72nd Cannes Festival. As always, in addition to the Official Program consisting of the sections 'International Competition' and 'A Specific Look', there is a comprehensive program that includes side sections such as 'Fifteen Days of Directors', 'Critics Week' and the films in each section are evaluated by different juries. against us. Of course, it's impossible to keep up. For my part, I was content only with the films in the Official Program. I was able to watch all of the International Competition films, which included 21 films, and more than half of the films in the Bir A Specific Look ’section, which included 18 films.

Thierry Fremaux, Artistic Director of the Festival, is not easy. During the year, they watched 1845 feature films and 4240 short films with the selection committee. 26% of the films presented were signed by female directors. Always making the final decision, Fremaux has taken the films of 4 female directors of the International Competition, 8 of a Certain Look, 3 of the special sessions. Although not enough, there is progress over the past years. Films from 39 countries have applied to the festival. As a matter of fact, this diversity manifests itself especially in ‘A Certain View’ section. The main competition was marked by France with 8 films. As always, watching her American productions. In li A Glance Fransız, French films are followed by American and Russian cinemas with three films.

This year, I think that American cinema in both chapters did not show a sufficient presence. Following Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die, Quentin Tarantino's “Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood adı did not meet the expectations. Despite the presence of great stars such as Leonardo di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Al Pacino, this comedy, which has no interesting aspect except for a few scenes, tells the story of a glorious 60s' star and stuntman in Hollywood, must return empty-handed from the Jury. I am convinced.

The only good American production of the competition was Terence Malick's Hidden A Hidden Life, alan one of the leading directors of independent cinema, who previously received a Golden Palm with ”The Tree of Life”. Malick tells the fascinating story of a farmer and his wife, who embraces his belief in evil (war and Nazi persecution) and refuses to submit, Malick. & Nbsp;

French cinema was in form this year. Almost one third of the competition consisted of French and co-productions. It was important that three female directors were among them. In particular, the two films that brought together themes of love and creativity, Celine Sciamma's “Portrait de la Jeune Femme en Feu” and Justine Triet's “Sibyl film were good examples of female sensitivity. The actors of both films were very good. I think Virginie Efira as en Sibyl olduğun is the luckiest name in this field. But there are so many successful young actresses that it's hard to predict.

Two French directors of African descent have produced works that deserve to be in the selection. I am talking about female director Mati Diop's first film “Atlantique getiren which brings realism and fantasy, or rather metaphysics, and Mis Les Miserables ğı in which Ladj Ly tells the angry youth of the Paris suburbs. Yönetmen Frankie, ”directed by American director Ira Sachs, where Sabelle Huppert portrayed a woman artist on the brink of death with her usual mastery, and Arnaud Desplechin's well-made, well-played, Roubaix, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Paris. “Roubaix, Une Lumiere” (A Light) completes the panorama of the French cinema in the selection. & Nbsp;

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, the masters of the Belgian cinema, sor Jeune Ahmed ”(Young Ahmed), were investigating the reasons why Muslim children born and raised in Western society join the radical groups. Despite the lack of intensity and hitting in his previous films, it was a respectable work.

Ken Loach, the most important Marxist director of British cinema, continued his socialist realism. This time, heroes, who were not working-class, described the struggle and indifference of middle-class people working in their own business to become a homeowner. Such films are not the films that any jury would like. So I look forward to the jury's decisions under Inarritu. & Nbsp;

Marco Bellocchio's film Trad Il Traditore ”(Hain), which I admire, but some of them despise as a very classic narrative, describes the relationship between Mafia, the most crucial problem of the Italian society, and the derin deep state Cos (Cosa Nostra). This is an extremely important film about the events of the mafia leaders Tomasso Buscetti, confessed by the famous prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, and the deaths of the prosecutor. It is remarkable that he interpreted the scenes of the court in the form of an Italian opera. I expect the film to win the Best Actor award for Pierfrancesco Favino.

My nomination for the Jury Prize at the festival is Elia Suleiman's absurd comedy “It Must Be Heaven.. I enjoyed watching the film of a director who chose to move away from his country and live in the West, but found it scattered. Some of the stories that developed in the form of sketches seemed to me to be unnecessary. I'm a nominee for the Grand Jury, another comedy. Bong Joon Ho’s film azit Parasitism usta tells the story of the misfortune of a family living in the back quarters of Seoul. The story, which develops as a comedy, turns into a horror movie as it approaches the end.

The Golden Palm is about the pain and suffering of Pedro Almodovar in the career and love of a film director named “Pain and Victory“. The film, which can be described as the most autobiographical work of Almodovar, carries all the subtleties and charm of Almodovar cinema. Almost all critics agree that this point will be approved by the jury, we will see in the evening ... & nbsp;

The International Short Film Competition ended with the victory of a director from us; Nehir Tuna, who won the award with his film “Ayakkabı“, emphasized that he could not get support from the Ministry of Culture in his speech.

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