Creative work of Russian agencies hit five shortlisted Cannes Lions 2019

Creative work of Russian agencies hit five shortlisted Cannes Lions 2019

On the second day of the Cannes Lions festival, the creative work of Russian agencies fell into five short lists. Campaigns of domestic brands were included in the lists of Media, PR, Creative Data, Creative Strategy and Direct, and the winners of the nominations will be announced on Wednesday, June 19.

Agencies Voskhod from Yekaterinburg and Kombinat from Kazakhstan are included in the short list for a video advertising perfumes for strong women and encouraging female entrepreneurship.

The work, which received gold in the Outdoor nomination, on the second day of the festival continues to win the sympathy of the jury. A video about forced marriages and the tradition of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan was included in two short lists: Media and PR.

The jury evaluated the video calling for the activation of a daily subscription for the Dozhd TV channel for a photograph of the Russian president, and included it in two short lists.

A campaign designed to show the difference between Russian media, the second day appears in the list of sympathy of the judges of the festival. Visitors to the site, created by Russian and Ukrainian agencies, can communicate with two artificial intelligences: one is “raised” on the agenda of “Russia-1” TV channel, the second - on “Rain”. On the first day of Cannes Lions, the work was shortlisted in the Digital craft lions nomination.

Good agency may receive the Cannes Lions Award for the commercial of Sberbank technology, which allows them to learn the endangered languages ​​of small Taimyr peoples. Previously, the work has already become the jury's favorite in three categories.

The emotional campaign of the air carrier was included in the list of the best creative strategies. Outdoor and video advertising shows the provincial cities of Russia, where a significant part of UTair's customers come from.

The environmental initiative of the alcohol producer Bud and the creative agency Bootleg again allowed them to enter the shortlist of the festival, this time for PR. Previously, companies used recycled plastic to cover a soccer field in Sochi. The work was also included in the list of favorites in the design nomination.

The Russia Today television channel and Great Gonzo Studio agency, which launched a historical campaign on social networks, are fighting for the festival’s award. In Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, published photos of the beginning of the last century, telling the story of the Romanov imperial family in the first person. Including, and on behalf of the dog.

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