"Dance with the stars": the sensual kiss of Iris Mittenaere and Elsa Esnoult on a tango

Dance with the stars: the sensual kiss of Iris Mittenaere and Elsa Esnoult on a tango

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This is a special bonus which took place this Saturday October 19. The show "Dance with the stars", which celebrates its 10 years, celebrated this anniversary with dignity by inviting stars from previous editions. Amel Bent, Tony Kinzinger and Brahim Zaibat notably joined their old dance partners as well as the new students. On the program: a dazzling spectacle of trio dances.

Iris Mittenaere, who finished second in the previous season, joined Anthony Colette and Elsa Esnoult to train for a tango, on Clara Luciani's song, Grenada. And it must be said that the spectators were spoiled. In red and black, the two young women ignited the dance floor. "Tango was my first dance and I understood that it was necessary to make boxes of them," explained Miss Universe. & Nbsp;

An anecdote which reassured the star of the Mysteries of love, who has struggled to gain self-confidence since the start of the competition. "This exercise puts me in front of my fears," she said. For his part, his dance partner wanted to be encouraging: "Be super sexy and give the impression that you want to eat yourself".

Mission accomplished. The two young women did not hesitate to apply the advice of their coach and completed their choreography with a sensual kiss. A performance praised by the judges: the trio obtained 28 points.

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For Iris thing it doesn't surprise me; for Elsa Esnoult ... I'm really disappointed! I found that it held the road in the Mysteries of love where everything is so immoral! Finally it is not she who makes the script but sometimes it represents the actor well (enne)!

It is endangering the mental health of our children to broadcast this kind of behavior in an entertainment program (which I do not watch). What does the CSA do? usually quicker to sanction so-called disturbing comments.

outrageous! In the 60s it was surely excessive to turn a speakrine because we had seen his knees but there! no ! we are overflowing with this new normal!

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