Destination ‘Tourists in Cannes

Destination ‘Tourists in Cannes

TURKEY tourism is growing fast in recent years. After the bad process in 2016 and 2017, the tourism sector, which entered a rapid recovery process, is preparing to break new records in 2019. The recovery and the rapid rise of Turkey's main markets are Russia, Germany and besides the increase in the number of tourists coming from the United Kingdom pointed out that the great benefits of the addition of new markets Antalya Guest General Manager Ufuk Ela Qualty Resort Belek in Belek, " After the crisis with Russia in 2016, Russian tourists were cut off and the tourism sector turned to different markets. In the same period, the number of European tourists had decreased considerably. At that time, the work began to bear fruit. First Russian and European tourists returned. New markets were added to this turn. Now we have started to welcome tourists from 40 countries. But now we must enter a new era. We should work for qualified tourists. Cannes, we have to draw tourists to Turkey on holiday in New York, "he said.

Turkish Airlines, London, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Moscow, St. Stating that starting direct flights from Antalya Airport to the target markets such as St. Petersburg, Amman, Jeddah, Algeria, Tel Aviv and Kuwait will increase the number of tourists coming to Antalya. the number increased by 47 percent compared to last year. Germany ranks second with an increase of 31 percent. Due to the depreciation of Pound Euro Brexit across Spain and Greece and the English were headed to Turkey and Egypt. Our pound-based contract with the UK also has an effect on this. In the first four months of the year, the number of British tourists visiting Antalya increased by 49. We aim to attract 2 million of 12 million British tourists to Spain every year. In the same period, the number of tourists from Poland, which resembles Germany in many respects, increased by 69 percent. Poland, Romania and Hungary, which have become rich after entering the EU, are promising countries for Turkish tourism. ”

With the arrival of wealthy tourists, the interest in qualified rooms will increase as well, Gez said. Russia and CIS countries have started to prefer our villa concept rooms again. We are also delighted by the demand of Western Europeans for lake homes. Since we are working with foreign exchange based abroad, we did not make much increase. However, the more the villa and lake house concept rooms are preferred, the better. So we can increase the revenue quickly without a raise. ”

Ufuk Gezgin also shared some information about ELA Quality Resort, “We provide employment for 750 people in our hotel. One of the 4 families staying in our facilities came back to our hotel in the following years. This is above the sector average. We have made a difference with the Everland Q City concept we have implemented for families with children. Q City; fire station, hospital, dental clinic and fashion house this year we added space center, bank and ice cream factory. We brought special service to children. With our concept of 'Quality Management Awards in 2018, "Turkey's Best Managed Hotels Child Activities' were chosen. Since last year, we have enabled 18 thousand 25 children to participate in the activities and learn various professions. Kul

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