Documentaries from France 3 Center-Val de Loire

Documentaries from France 3 Center-Val de Loire

Originally scheduled from September 1 to 20, 1939, the first edition of the Cannes Festival should have been held under the chairmanship of Jean Zay, Minister of National Education of the Popular Front. 80 years later, here it is reborn in Orleans! We explain to you why.

The very first Cannes festival should have seen the light of day in 1939. Everything was ready. The stars were there. Films were selected. The war came to interrupt the party suddenly. This story has been forgotten by all ...

In 1937, Adolf Hitler was greatly upset by the prize list of the Venice Film Festival which had not rewarded any German film and which had dared to attribute one of the prices of the jury to the pacifist film of Jean Renoir "The Great Illusion". It was in this climate of confrontation between fascist regimes and democracies that the idea of ​​the Cannes Film Festival was born.

We were preparing for September 1939 the Cannes Festival, intended to compete with the famous Venice Biennale. Our festival would have made France each year the world center of cinema - & nbsp; Jean Zay, Souvenirs et Solitude, 1942.

France 3 is developing a resolutely ambitious documentary policy, involving many talents such as authors and directors and no less than 170 producers in the regions and in Paris, which places it in a unique position among French broadcasters.

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