Dozens of women protest at Cannes red carpet for abortion rights

Dozens of women protest at Cannes red carpet for abortion rights

With them they carried a banner and pro-abortion flags, before the premiere of the Argentinian documentary "Que sea ley". The law prohibiting abortion was rejected in Argentina last year, but will be put to a vote again.

Not everything is glamorous on this red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. This Saturday, about 60 women took advantage of the event to protest the right to abortion, before the debut of the Argentinian documentary "Que sea ley", by Juan Solanas, on that theme.

According to various international media, dozens of women carrying a green stripe and flags, the color chosen by the pro-abortion movement in Argentina, protested on the red carpet after rejecting a law to legalize abortion in Argentina.

In addition, according to organizers, the protest is also a reaction to the passing of laws in several US states that limit or even try to abolish abortion rights, as happened this week in Alabama and Missouri. Despite being a constitutional right in the US, abortion risks becoming illegal.

The strategy of the proactive movements behind these new laws is to lead the Supreme Court (with a more conservative composition following the appointment of judges by Donald Trump) to review the case law authorizing abortion nationwide.

Alabama and Missouri join six other states that have been taking a path towards severely limiting the constitutional right to abortion: Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio and Georgia.

In the festival's parallel programs there is some Portuguese cinema: in the Critique Week were included "Sofia Bost's" Day of the Feast "and Cristèle Alves Meira's" Invisible Hero ", while" Les Jeune Filord de Pierre Extraordinaires ", Gabriel Abrantes, will pass the Fortnight of the Directors.

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