Exciting moment at Cannes. Alain Delon: I haven't cried so much. It's hard to leave

Exciting moment at Cannes. Alain Delon: I haven't cried so much. It's hard to leave

Alain Delon was moved to tears at the Cannes festival scene, where he received the Palme d'Or for his entire career. Despite the many controversies surrounding his private life and his views, the actor has been greeted with applause since reaching the red carpet.

Alain Delon received the Palme d'Or from his daughter, Anusca. She said the movie world is lucky. And the legendary French actor first of all thanked the public, without whom he could not do everything he did.

"When I started this job, I was told that it was hard to do what it wasn't, namely to do what you love. What is hard is to resist. And I resisted. I resisted 62 years. I did what I chose and I worked with the biggest and best. Apparently, I'm a star. But if I'm a star - that's why I want to thank you - I owe this to the public and to no one else, ”says Alain Delon, actor.

To the applause of the whole room, where the French Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, as well as the president of the festival, Pierre Lescure, the sacred monster of French cinema, said: "It's a posthumous tribute, but for me alive."

Delon returned to the microphone and added, in tears: "Before I leave, I have to tell you that I think of Mireille and Romy." Mireille Darc, who died in 2017, and Romy Schneider, in 1982, it was the two women who marked his life the most.

The director of the Cannes festival praised Alain Delon for his impact on the world of film, with good and bad. It was an allusion to those who said that the 83-year-old actor should not be awarded because he has little respect for political correctness.

"We all know that intolerance has returned. It is hidden behind a mask, a doctrine that we must believe will protect us from the risk of upsetting people, the risk of wrongdoing, if we all think the same. Alain Delon is not afraid to upset anyone, he is not afraid to make mistakes, he does not think of others and he is not afraid to be alone ”, says Thierry Fremaux, director of the Cannes festival.

Alain Delon began his acting career in 1957, after finishing his army. Attractive and charismatic, he instantly became a legend of the French film. His physical appearance and blue eyes made him an idol of women. In the six decades of his career, Alain Delon has played in over 100 films.

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