A pipe network moves well water between two tanks, each containing 20,000 pounds of coal to filter water for the city of Vienna. (Photo by Michael Erb)

The facility, located at the corner of 32nd Street and River Road, has two tanks, each containing 20,000 pounds of filtration carbon that feeds water from two nearby wells. Two other facilities were previously installed for filtering water from other wells, each with four tanks. Filtration systems were put in place in 2016 after a change in testing requirements lowered the acceptable levels of C8 and other potential contaminants in drinking water.

Tom Clutter, with AECOM, said the carbon filtration system is regularly checked and monitored and replaced if necessary. Clutter said the system is changed every year regardless.

Officials are standing at the entrance to the third and final water filtration system in Vienna on Thursday. Tanks draw and filter water from wells near the city for an urban water system. From left to right are Craig Metz, Director of Public Works in Vienna, Randy Rapp, Mayor of Vienna, Tom Clutter from AECOM, Dave Thorn from Public Works, Tim Heiss from AECOM and Joe Thorpe from Vienna Public Utilities. (Photo by Michael Erb)

The system has increased the amount of water pumped from the wells, thanks to greater efficiency, and allows officials to monitor and balance the real-time use of all wells.

"The system has greatly improved our capabilities," said Rapp. “Since we have three wells, we can balance the system. If we need to take one of them offline, we just pick a distribution and we can still supply all the water we need. "

Several discs and valves are used to direct water between two tanks, but the entire Vienna water system can be monitored and controlled at a central location. (Photo by Michael Erb)

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