Francis Ford Coppola: "I was not prepared for all this"

Francis Ford Coppola: I was not prepared for all this

Inviting Francis Ford Coppola to Lyon, Thierry Frémaux and Bertrand Tavernier dreamed of it from the start of the Lumière Festivals, a dedicated event, "not to heritage, even less to old films but to classic cinema", as the Festival's general delegate aptly said. from Cannes. They had to wait but it was worth the wait. Coppola, 80, with white hair, was generous in honoring his Prix Lumière.

Friday evening, the ceremony rivaled the new version of Apocalypse Now (Final cut), brought up by Coppola this summer: three hours. It was necessary to salute the ten years of the festival and the career of one of the last film giants.

Bong Joon-ho, the 2019 Palme d'Or winner for Parasite, spoke highly of his elder and master, paying off his debt: "Mr. Coppola changed the history of cinema. Apocalypse Now was censored for nine years in South Korea, under the military dictatorship. When I discovered it in 1988, the shock was indescribable. ”

The Korean filmmaker said he likes to draw storyboards from the Godfather. As we do not remake, his preference was for a crime scene. "I'm not someone violent but when I see a murder scene, it excites me."

Another great admirer, James Gray, retained in Paris for his first opera production, sent a video to reiterate that Coppola is “the greatest influence of his life.” By video always, Sofia Coppola, currently in Tokyo, kissed his father. Nathalie Baye remembered what a wonderful President of the jury he had been at the Cannes Film Festival.

Bertrand Tavernier tried to make it short and he failed. There have been musical interludes. Jeanne Cherhal sang to the music of the Godfather composed by Nino Rota. Tenor John Osborn also proved that he had a beautiful organ and Alain Chamfort blackmailed Joe Dassin in the hall, Coppola being a big fan of the Champs-Élysées. Nobody’s perfect.

Coppola, accompanied by his wife Eleanor and his son Roman, seemed moved. "I was not prepared for all this, thank you for making me feel three things that are missing in this world: friendliness, enthusiasm and celebration."

Today, Saturday October 19, Coppola is filming the remake of the Lumière brothers' factory outlet. A ritual for each recipient of the Prix Lumière. The filmmaker's first film in a long time, Coppola having preferred to do wine and business for several years now. To console ourselves, we will see La Nuit du Parrain tonight at the Halle Tony Garnier. The ultimate trilogy, the unsurpassable fresco. No one has done much better since.

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