From Prostokvashino to Checkered Zebras: our animation surprised Cannes | Articles | News

From Prostokvashino to Checkered Zebras: our animation surprised Cannes | Articles | News

Presentation of the Russian animation took place at the international market of content for children MipJunior, which is annually held in Cannes and precedes the world's largest digital content market Mipsom. Virtually all of the projects presented correspond to the trends that have appeared in the world of children's animation over the past few years. One of the main ones: cartoons even for the youngest audience, while entertaining the audience, are trying to tell them something important about the world. Moreover, the filing form can be any.

The Russian side presented to buyers from all over the world 30 new projects of 14 companies. Cartoons are at a different stage of readiness, but all should be released within the next two years. The presentation was supported by the Russian Export Center, and the word “export” informally turned out to be key, not only because animation is traditionally the best-selling part of Russian cinema abroad. For example, in the series of the Russian company AA Studio, under the working title “The Secret of Honster,” heroes can teleport to another dimension, to a magical island, where they have to fight monsters, each of which embodies the evil traits inherent in this child in real life. Monsters are called “honsters,” and the fight against them becomes a metaphorical battle of a very young man with himself - his fears, evil thoughts, bad habits. And although the young audience of the series does not yet know the word “metaphorical”, but the meaning of what is happening can be easily understood.

The Aeroplan studio (the one that created the popular Fixiks) in the new in the new series Kraby talks about the inventor Eric, who creates small robots - “kraboty” and wants them to serve humanity. But the best friend of her niece, Gordey believes that the work should be the key to his personal enrichment and prosperity. The plot of the series is built on the conflict of these two worldviews. And on the big screens in the coming months there will be a full-length animated film “Fixies Against Works”, where the heroes of the two franchises will meet each other and try to understand who is more important. Although both the series and the full-length film are teen comedies in the genre, the authors hope that the projects will be able to stimulate the audience's interest in technology and a craving for invention. I must say that such films - when they try to simply explain rather complicated technical things to a child - appear in Cannes every year, and this is also one of the trends in the world where a person is faced with the consequences of the digital revolution almost from the cradle.

And the Klaxon studio devotes its entire series Flo-Flo to the problems of protecting the planet and the environment. And this, of course, brings the project to the top of its relevance - especially considering the passions that have not yet subsided around Greta Tunberg's performance. By the way, it should be noted that in almost all Russian cartoons presented in Cannes, characters have international names, and this greatly facilitates adaptation.

The company "Ricky", which hooked the audience on "Smesharikov", this time presented a new project "Cameleons" - about a company of chameleons that are introduced into the world of people, dreaming of a career of rock stars and world fame. And this will be a rare example of an animated musical.

Wizart Studio, whose animation franchise The Snow Queen has been sold in 150 countries and translated into 30 languages, has shown materials for the Hansel and Gretel animated film based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale in MipJunior, but in a lightweight, partly even comedic version.

The oldest Russian studio Soyuzmultfilm in Cannes presented fragments from the series Prostokvashino (international name Mr. Fyodor, a cat and a dog), as well as a completely new product, Zebra in a Box, designed for an audience of 3-5 years and in a language that she understands, telling about tolerance and empathy: the appearance of an unusual zebra first aroused the inhabitants of the jungle, but gradually the animals begin to respect the manifestations of someone else's personality. It is unnecessary to speak about the relevance of this topic in today's world.

All projects, the materials of which were shown at MipJunior, are available at the Made in Russia booth, which opened on Monday at the Cannes Palace of Festivals - already as part of the large Mipcom market.

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