Geena Davis: “What really changed things was #MeToo, not‘ Thelma and Louise ’”

Geena Davis: “What really changed things was #MeToo, not‘ Thelma and Louise ’”

Met in September during the 45th edition of the Deauville Festival, the actress of the cult feminist film “Thelma and Louise” is today the executive producer of “Everything can change, and if women counted in Hollywood?” The documentary, which will be released next January, denounces the under-representation of women in the American entertainment industry. Geena Davis talks to us about sexism, cinema and prejudice, in an engaging and enlightening interview.

An essential difference between the two, Devos was not a propaganda comic, he never stooped to make political chronicles. For me Professor Rollin is closer to Devos than is François Morel

Fip is my radio (my disco should I say), since its creation in 1971. I have seen it evolve for the better (transition from medium waves to stereo FM, 24/7 broadcasting, worldwide coverage thanks to the Internet, etc.). ...), and less well (the loss of regional frequencies, the impossibility of becoming a national radio), over time. If the abandonment of horse, traffic or weather info has never really upset me, I find it a shame that we plan to remove the news flashes. Indeed, their brevity and the absence of comment make it a source of information, largely sufficient, which does not take the listener for an idiot, who does not tell him what to think but, on the contrary, leaves him the freedom to make your own opinion, which, by the times (and certain media ...) which runs, is priceless! As for Fipettes, they make alive and human this radio which, without them, would be only a (admittedly excellent) jukebox! All this stinks of political recovery, which, by the way, applies to all public service radios and TVs ... and it is not good for what we have left the democracy.

Radio France I love you, I have a lot of compassion for you in front of the hatred which carries you the Power which decided to empty of its substance the Public radio, this at the same time by interest to sell you to the private radios and to eliminate the culture and the freedom to think that you wear. Alas they are the strongest and by spreading false niouzes, to see the nonsense of the preceding reactions, here that these listeners not very clever help with the disappearance of France Culture, of France Inter, of France Music. These poor people do not see how much they mutilate themselves, yet no one prevents them from listening to NRJ and RMC and from advertising

Indeed, I can't wait to see the subject of forced conversions within Islam by Timothée de Rauglaudre after having co-signed an article on an alleged collusion between famous ex-Muslims and the extreme right. Will he be able to choose between defending a religion and its members or people martyred in its name?

To erase any notion of gender, the wonderful world of tomorrow ... Even Ira Levin had not imagined going so far. There are in these words, brought in a very calm manner, the premises of a tyranny to come, in which heterosexual men or women should bow to the will of an extreme minority of people who want to impose their sexuality as a norm. This is indeed the ultimate fad of a civilization which no longer has any benchmarks. I understand that it is necessary to expurgate the residual violence which is done to them, by education, but from there to entirely modify our relation to heterosexuality, which is the norm for 90% of humanity, there is a step that reason prevents me from taking.

If a victim of rancid France wins the Oscar, what happiness for Télérama! Ladj Ly is fortunate not to be a heterosexual white male .... whatever his faults, they will be forgiven!

Ninguém solta a mão de ninguém, by Lucas Santtana: the song of the year Pretty song but a little gnangnan! Kind words to denounce the misdeeds of the Bolsonaro presidency. We are far from the tradition of Brazilian political and popular song embodied by singers like Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Nara Leão, Elis Regina and many others. The title of L. Snattana means no one lets go of anyone's hand. To discriminate is not good, to kill because of the genre it is brutal etc ... Let us take the chalice song written by G. Gil and sung in its time by Ch. Buarque and M. Nascimento. Chalice is a play on words in Portuguese it means the chalice which one drinks until the dregs (and it is what the agents of the dictatorship made make with the opponents of the mode, really drank it until to the dregs indeed) and that also means, close it, close it, message addressed to the dictatorship. Finally, in the video of L. Santtana at minutes 2'56,2'57 and 2'58 the images are taken from the 60's, 70's during anti-dictatorship demonstrations, the slogan Abaixo ditatura being very widespread at the time with also Apesar de você Amanhã há de ser Outro dia (despite you tomorrow will be another day), title of another very beautiful anti-dictatorship song by Ch.Buarque.

Fingers have been crossed hoping that Telerama does not publish an article like this. But the ideological impulses of Telerama are the strongest, it had to come out. A real textbook case, this paper. To be studied urgently in all journalism schools. Almost everything is there. Euphemisms, distortions, forgetfulness, choice of words, manipulation. To summarize, a boy from the cities of African origin, victim of nasty racist reactions (pleonasm) was indeed sentenced to two years in prison for a small unimportant kidnapping, certainly accompanied by violence, with transport of the victim in the trunk of a car, but finally there is nothing to whip a cat. There is no one interested in the fact that there was initially an indictment for attempted murder, forcible confinement and violence, since lack of evidence, only the forcible confinement (and the violence for the other two defendants were retained) , because Ladj Ly was just watching). That there was the presence of a can of gasoline during this little walk in the woods is also not a fact worth mentioning. That the faulty sister of one of the defendants was conscientiously beaten up does not deserve a word, not even a little indignation from the neo-feminists of Télérama and elsewhere ... If this is progressiveness, I think I will exchange my subscription to Télérama for a subscription to a Réac newspaper in France.

I wanted to put J'accuse but it is frowned upon so I said to myself Les miserables but here too I discover that the director has a very dark past. To be quiet I will wait for the first film created by an artificial intelligence, hoping that it does not have a criminal record, phew.

While the vulgar and ridiculous expression of having balls has been rife for too long, wanting, rightly, to claim equality between men and women by feminizing it is lamentable! Claiming equality is not copying male errors! Houda Benyamina's completely hysterical behavior when receiving her prize at Cannes (I think!) served the feminine cause. Please, Télérama, don't use this clit term to qualify the feminism part of films! Denouncing patriarchy and taking up its codes by feminizing them does not at all plead for true equality between men and women. When we copy where is the independence and the singularity ?? uses cookies to provide you with a high quality user experience, measure audience, optimize the functionality of social networks and & nbsp; offer you personalized advertising. By & nbsp; continuing to browse this & nbsp; site, you accept the use of & nbsp; cookies under the conditions provided for in our & nbsp; privacy policy. Learn & nbsp; manage & nbsp; manage cookies.

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