Genre cinema day in Cannes

Genre cinema day in Cannes

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival presented two successful genre cinemas yesterday. Both films were remarkable as productions that connected genre cinema to the political issues of the geography they came from and deepened the patterns they used in this respect.

The first of these films was director Diao Yi’nan's new film “Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui, kazanan which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014 for“ Thin Ice, Black Coal ”. The film is about the escape adventure of a criminal who kills a policeman during a fight between gangs. The film, which depicts a world of violence and corruption, brings to mind the work of the master of Chinese cinema, Jia Zhangke. As a matter of fact, the film, which sends greetings to Zhangke with a dance scene, deserves appreciation for the directing of Yitekinan, while conveying the tension felt in China with violence that can show itself at any moment. Although the crime crime patterns are sometimes applied without neglecting humor, the film may be awarded by the jury as the Best Director even if it is not the Golden Palm.

Another film that uses genre cinema is the new film Whist The Whistlers, Rom by Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu, who first appeared in Cannes anas main competition. Turkey made "Sibel" as well whistles seen in Porumboiu's film language is also available, but this time one of the tools of a film noir. A police officer linked to the criminal gang learns the whistling language on an island to kidnap the criminal businessman in prison. The comeback completes the picture of the criminal conspiracy. Porumboiu offers a film noir that is modern and does not lack humor. Whist The Whistlers diğer is another prominent production of the competition, considering the structure of the director's story and his penny to keep the emotion and curiosity alive and his success in screenwriting mathematics. The film is not an in-depth attempt at genre. Romania's communist past and the traces it left behind in society take their place in the background of the film.

French actor Alain Delon will be awarded the Golden Palm Honor at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. 25 thousand signatures were collected in the signature campaign that was initiated in order not to give honor awards to the actor who was declared racist, misogynist and homophobic due to her statements to admit that she slapped a woman and “I find homosexuality contrary to nature dol. Delon was on the red carpet in Cannes yesterday. In his statement to the French press, he defended himself: eyen Whoever wants about me can say what he wants, I am used to it. However, no one has the right to say anything about my acting, and there is nothing to discuss. Yeah, I slapped him. But I got beat up more than I threw. I've never hurt a woman in my life, but they've hurt me a lot. I am not against the marriage of gay people, but against the adoption of a couple of the same sex. ”

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