Historic Cannes for Poles (RELATION)

Historic Cannes for Poles (RELATION)

It is impossible not to start the summary with the achievements of Poles during this year's edition of Cannes Lions. & Nbsp; When a year ago the action "To the Last Tree" implemented by the agency Ogilvy for Greenpeace won a dozen lions, including gold prizes, we all thought that for similar success Poles will probably have to wait long years on the Cote d'Azur. & Nbsp; 12 months was enough.

10 lions are coming back to the country this year. Among them is the first Polish Grand Prix in history for the "Your Last Weekend" campaign awarded to VMLY & amp; R, Wavemaker and Papaya Films in the GLAS - THE LION FOR CHANGE category, which I had the pleasure to receive on the stage of the festival palace among fantastic people. Although it's still hard to believe here, Gazeta.pl, BNP Paribas and Mastercard beat such strong favorites in this category as "First Shave" for Gillette, "Viva La Vulva" for Libresse, or "Dream Crazier" with Serena Williams for Nike.

An extremely difficult to get and so far unattainable for Poles Poles titan for the same campaign. How difficult to get a lion from titanium emphasizes the number of points due in the festival ranking for this award. Corresponds to the number of points awarded in the other categories for winning the Grand Prix.

"Your Last Weekend" won an additional three bronze lions and seven nominations, and VMLY & R Polska was awarded the title of Agency of the Year Cannes Lions 2019 in the GOOD category - next to giants such as Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Road5 or VMLY & R Kansas City winning similar titles in other categories.

The campaign "Indestructible Rainbow" realized by 180Heartbeats + Jung v & nbsp; Matt for Ben & amp; Jerry’s was also a fantastic result. The campaign was awarded with 2 silver and 3 bronze lions and 6 nominations.

If we add to this two lions won by Gray London in cooperation with Gray Poland, a few other works from Poland that have won nominations this year, we can safely say that it was a historic and landmark year of Poles in Cannes. This amazing end result is associated with several factors. I will mention only the most important in my opinion, which has little to do with the agencies themselves or the level of creation.

Cannes Lions awards bold actions, period. Neither "Your Last Weekend" nor "Indestructible Rainbow" would have arisen if not for the courage of marketers from Gazeta.pl, BNP Paribas, Mastercard and Ben & amp; Jerry’s. We had many opportunities to talk in Cannes, they talked about how much energy and effort it often cost to convince their superiors to consent to such unusual, provocative actions.

Dear marketing directors, if you expect awards for your brands in Cannes, remember: this festival rewards largely courage. Let your agencies know that you give them space and permission for bold ideas. Let me break your current communication restrictions for a moment. Let the employees of your marketing departments know that you expect bolder communication from them. Because if you do not risk the steps of buying the pornographic newspaper, placing a holographic rainbow in the center of Warsaw knowing that it has already burned several times, or creating a spot with singing vaginas, the rewards will be won by actions from the world that do not have such resistance.

This courage was the common denominator of the two biggest winners of this year's Cannes Lions. & Nbsp; The first, as expected, was the "Dream Crazy" project for Nike with Colin Kaepernick. He won two Grand Prix, titanium lion, five gold and many more silver and bronze awards.

The second, which in turn was a bigger surprise, turned out to be clever and insolent provocative action "The Whopper Detour" for the Burger King brand. She won 3 Grand Prix awards and 5 gold lions, and of course another silver and bronze.

Among other Grand Prix, gold and titanium lions, my attention was caught by, among others the moving project "Most Dangerous Street", the bold action "Hidden Flag", or the very clever - and again bold - campaign "Billie Jean King Your Shoes" for Adidas, or the "Viva La Vulva" for Libresse mentioned earlier, showing a choir of singing vaginas.

I would like to devote a few words to the presentations, which are held simultaneously on more than 10 stages during the festival. They were hosted by representatives of the world's largest brands, such as Burger King, Apple, Lego and Nike, who talked about their successes and failures. Hosted cult figures from the world of advertising agencies. Hosted scientists, activists, enthusiasts, artists, developers of console games. Hosted by people talking about such exotic things from our Polish perspective as building the marijuana trade market in Canada.

The organizers of Cannes Lions - evidently inspired by trends at music festivals - also introduced a small innovation this year by inviting so-called secret speakers. It allowed to go to the presentation without knowing who will perform.

And trends? I will mention two that, moreover, strongly interpenetrate. & Nbsp; The first of course is the activism of brands discussed on the stages of Cannes for many years. He was raised again on many presentations and discussion panels. We saw his many shades: from light and humorous, but still socially engaged activities of Domino's Pizza ("Paving for Pizza") to joining the discussion of American police violence against black people by Nike ("Dream Crazy").

Troy Ruhanen, the CEO of TBWA, particularly stuck in my entire discourse, saying that brands should first and foremost engage heavily in transparent "cleaning their own yards" before they get involved in larger, world-important matters. It is the radical transparency in communication (often preceded by radical changes in the organization, in production, in the supply chain) that will become one of the strongest trends in the coming years.

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